Burger's Favorite Partner

Mickey has Minnie. Peanut Butter has Jelly. And Hamburgers have French fries… but what else!? We decided to reach out to some of our Burger Trail locations for a little insight into the perfect side.


The Lone Buffalo, Ottawa: 

At The Lone Buffalo, in Ottawa, the seasoned fries are a must try. Paired with any of the burger options and a Tangled Roots Brewing Company beer, a perfect trio is created. It is so much more than your “classic” burger and fries, you’ll be heading back for more. 


Lone Buffalo burger with a side or fries and a beer.




Nick’s Tavern, Lemont: 

For the past 75 years, Nick’s Tavern has been serving up some of the best burgers in the region, and the old school tavern keeps it simple with potato chips. Salty & crispy- chips are the perfect pair for Nick’s award winning burgers.


Nick's burger with a bag of bbq chips and a cup of beer.



9th Street Pub, LaSalle

Four words: Fully. Loaded. Garlic. Fries. 9th Street Pub takes fries to the next level with their mouthwatering sides. Go all out and pair them with the Garlic Breath Burger (keep the vampires away right?) or build your own burger to balance out the meal. Not so into the garlic? Try the Sweet Potato fries!

A burger with onion rings stacked on top with fries



Honest Abe’s Tap, Morris:

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for fries, and that’s OK! While Honest Abe’s Tap offers a variety of fried potatoes (waffle fries, tots, crinkle cut), they also offer options for those thinking outside of the potato sack . On the lighter side, they offer cottage cheese and salad, and if you are looking for a vegetable side, you can opt for the Broccoli & Cheese. Yum.


Three burgers, two with a side of onion rings and one with tater tots

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