Let's Talk Fall!



I don’t know about you but fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. 


The sounds of leaves crunching underneath my feet. The way the trees fill the sky from a distance with such a beautiful array of colors, and the fun fall festivities to enjoy with the ones you love most. 


But for me, that’s not all. I love how creative you can be during this season when it comes to fashion, home décor and even cool DIY projects. 


I got the chance to go on a little adventure last week and found myself at three different locations down the Heritage Corridor that caught my eye.


My first stop was Jobst Monument & Gifts in Ottawa. I was driving through the neighborhood and came across a unique building with beautiful flowers and decor neatly placed leading up to the main entrance. 


I decided to pull over to check it out. When I walked in, there were so many amazing things to look at. I was blown away by how many one of a kind items could fit into one place. The first things that caught my eyes were these stone fixtures strategically placed in a design to create the most outstanding piece of artwork. 



As I continued to explore, I came across a section of festive garden/home stakes that add an extra flare to your space. 


Perfect for the season, you can easily add a nice accent of color right outside your home that will take you no more than 10 minutes to do. I love a quick and easy decorating process that leaves you with a beautiful outcome.


This shop has so many cool and fun things to offer and definitely worth a visit to see what unique piece you can find for yourself or even for someone else. 




Next, I was ready to talk fashion, so I stopped by Betty’s in Morris to see what new items to add into my fall wardrobe. 


Layering different looks is my favorite things to do when it comes to picking out an outfit. I love a warm and cozy cardigan, jacket, or sweater to keep me feeling great all day, and Betty’s had it all! 




You can even find looks that can help you transition any summer pieces into a full fall fit! All you have to do is take your favorite summer dress or any fun summer florals and add a light cardigan over it, pair it with a cute ankle boot and your look is complete! 





As I continued to browse through the racks, I was beginning to noticed that what I initially thought was just a chic, trendy boutique was actually more than that. Around the shop, you can also find antique home décor and collectables to bring home. 


Shop fashion and décor all in one location! 


Then finally, I got a chance to explore Thimbles in Lockport. I love getting into my creative side and finding new DIY projects for myself. 


This is a great place to go if you enjoy making something from scratch and with lots of love. Thimbles has everything to get you thinking about fall. 


The first thing you see when you come in is their new Kimberbell Design Collection where you can create fall style pillows and more to help decorate the inside of your home. 


This collection comes with DVDs to help show you how to create your designs as well as all the smaller pieces you need to make yours personalized.




From table covers, wire-framed potluck totes, scarves and quilts, there are endless project you can get your hands on right in one place. As I was browsing through everything, I started planning for gift ideas for the holidays so I can come back and grab all the important materials I need.  




As the fall and winter holidays slowly approach, these are some of the best places to shop and get your style ready, your home festive, and your gifts top of line. 


Be sure to follow the Heritage Corridor Antiques & Boutiques on all social media platforms for more information about your favorite local shops! 


This season shop small, shop locally! 

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