The Perfect Dessert for Thanksgiving!

What is Thanksgiving dinner without a tasty treat to seal the deal? 


This year, support your local restaurants by ordering your desserts to go and enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. 


The Heritage Corridor has you covered with undeniably delicious desserts that you can’t resist!  These are just a few of our restaurants with amazing desserts: 


Chuck's Cobbler with a scope ice cream on top


Chapin's Banquet Dessert Trays

Key Lime Pie

Slice of cheesecake from Pine Hill Golf

Slice of Chocolate Flan


You can also support your local bakeries and confectioneries:

An Array of desserts from Nonie's Bakery

Toffee from Hollingworth Candies

Donuts from Home Cut Donut


Looking for your whole meal to be professionally prepared?  Be sure to check out our Holiday Meals to Go page to see what restaurants near you are preparing Thanksgiving dinners to-go. The pre-order deadlines are fast approaching. 




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