Wine and Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Thanksgiving may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean the meal itself can’t be great. Here are some wine pairings from our local wineries and wine shops for your Thanksgiving meal. 


Start the afternoon off with a fabulous Brut Sparkling Wine from Illinois Sparkling Wine Co. from August Hill Winery. Not only does it start a celebratory feel of the holiday, it will taste nice with your appetizers. 


Turkey - try a full bodied Chardonnay from Sable Creek Winery! The buttery taste of the Chardonnay pairs perfectly with a moist Turkey. Don’t like a white wine? You can also try a medium-bodied red like the Cabernet also from Sable Creek Winery. It has the medium tannins, that will compliment your main course on the Thanksgiving table.


Vegetables - Whether your family tradition is Brussel sprouts, corn or green beans pair them with a Pinot Noir or Zinfandel from Clark’s Run Creek Gifts & Wine. You don’t want to have too full-bodied of a red to compete with the earthy tastes of the vegetables.


Potatoes - Are you like my family and we all like a different kind of potato? So no matter if you have mashed, au graten, or scalloped potatoes on that table. Try a crisp Reisling from PK Unkorked. It will offset the dryness of your potatoes.


Cranberries - Homemade or from the can with the rivets and all?!? A light Rosé from Wine & Cheese Co. would absolutely seal the deal for either. 


Dessert - What is your favorite dessert? Try a glass of the Thanksgiving Bundle from August Hill Winery with your apple or Pumpkin pie will be terrific. It offers a little bit of everything to satisfy all wine drinkers from a Cranberry InfusionBrut Rosé and their Nouveau at the table.


Hope you found a little inspiration along the Wine through the Corridor. Which ever way you decide to celebrate, with one or all of the wines and do a fun tasting, we hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving. 



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