Morris Downtown Development Partnership Encourages Everyone to Take the $20 Food Fest Pledge


This year has been challenging for restaurants, including those in Downtown Morris.  In turn, this has effected the hard-working staffs of those restaurants who depend on successful restaurants to earn their income.  As the year comes to an end, doesn’t mean our support has to. This is why the Morris Downtown Development Partnership has developed a new pledge.


Normally, we would be going out to eat and visiting food fests - trying the best foods of the area. It would be quite easy to spend $20 per person, per week, on restaurants, food trucks, and more. 


Our restaurants need your help, and we ask that you take the pledge to spend $20 per week in local restaurants. Make sure to visit Morris restaurants a few times, which started the pledge.  They have many great restaurants (like Morris Chop Shop and Honest Abe’s).  



      Morris Chop Shop                                                                             Honest Abe's Tap and Grill 


Take their pledge today and consistently order take out and support our local restaurants while this is their only option.  


Visit to pledge. Visit the Facebook group, “Food Fest $20 – Downtown Morris” and share your experience. A list of downtown restaurants can be viewed at  Please participate and spread the word!   

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