Three Michelin-Starred Alinea in the Corridor - Pre-Order Now from 3-26, 3-27, 4-2, and 4-3-2021)

Alinea To Go logo on top, bottom shows pictures of three meals being offered

Foodies, you can enjoy a meal from one of the top restaurants in the world right here in the Heritage Corridor from Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont, IL) on 3-26 and 3-27 or an Easter Dinner from Black Horizon Brewing Company (Willowbrook, IL) on 4-2 and 4-3.  We highly suggest you pre-order now before the opportunity sells out!

If you are unfamiliar with Alinea, they are one of 14 restaurants that have achieved three Michelin stars in the United States (there are 135 three-star restaurants in the world).  This is the highest ranking from the culinary guide.  

The accolades continue (although we are listing just a few):

The restaurant is now operating "to-go" stops, where you can pre-order a meal to be picked up during a certain time.  These meals then can be reheated in the comfort of your home.

Pollyanna Brewing Company's meals for pickup on 3-26 and 3-27-2021

The meals for Pollyanna Brewing Company are:

You can also get the following “supplements” to add on (we recommend everything):

Don't forget to pick up some amazing Pollyanna Craft Beer when you pick up your meal.  (If you want wine, Alinea offers a bottle when you are purchasing your order ... but we're a beer blog).  

There is a minimum order size of two guests, and they are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please note, there will be a 20% service charge, 11.75% tax, and $1 order fee on your order.

Black Horizon Brewing Company's meals for pickup on 4-2 and 4-3-2021

Enjoy Alinea’s traditional and delicious Easter meal at home:

The cost is $75.00 per person, plus you can order the following:

As with the Pollyanna meal, you could order wine from Alinea with this meal.  We personally suggest getting beer from Black Horizon Brewing!

Min order size of 2, even party sizes only. This meal requires an oven and stovetop to reheat at home. They are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions.  Please note, there will be a 20% service charge, 11.75% tax, and $1 order fee on your order.

Place Your Order

To place your order for either location, please visit and scroll down to the appropriate location.  For more informaiton, please visit that same link.