Bishops Hill Winery Grand Opening

Wine Bottles

Bishops Hill Winery is officially open for business in Joliet! They opened for tastings April 15th.

Bishops Hill Wine Bottles


They offer their nine wines tasting (1oz. each) for $20.00 each. Currently they have charcuterie trays to compliment your tastings, but will be adding some more small items in the near future. Most tastings take about an hour.

There is plenty of room throughout this castle like structure. You can choose to stand at the bar area or take your own table to enjoy the wine that they create on site. Make sure to take home a bottle or two of your new favorite wine to enjoy at home as well.

This historic location was originally built in 1890 and is the only castle on the street. It was previously the home of the Joliet Catholic Diocese and the old Fred Sehring Brewing Co. You’ll see nods to the past all throughout the building. From stone markers, to the safe down below in the basement tasting area.   

safe with wine bottles     Basement wall with signage


A wonderful destination in Joliet for you to try soon! Reservations are required and you can book on their website at






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