Celebrating World Turtle Day

someone holding to Blanding Turtles in their hand

This Sunday, May 23, 2021 we are celebrating World Turtle Day. This day helps bring awareness to the species and teaches us how we can do our parts in keeping them safe.

The Forest Preserve District of Will County is currently housing a dozen of Blanding Turtles, an endangered species in the state of Illinois since 2009. They joined the Blanding Turtle recovery program, spearheaded by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and overseen by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, in 2017 when they received their first batch.

Currently raising their third batch, they are looking forward to releasing them late summer or early fall of this year at an undisclosed location. This program is designed to help boost the state-endangered species’ numbers and to ward off extinction.

The Blanding Turtles are being closely monitored in 80-degree water, basking rocks, and snacking on specialty foods to help them grow. The goal is to help them gain weight, so that they are able to survive in the wild. Before they are released, they will be microchipped and their bony plates, near the edge of their shells, will be notched with files so that they can be identified later.

To learn more, visit the Forest Preserve District’s Isle a la Cache Museum in Romeoville, IL. There is a turtle display tank with Blanding Turtles on display for learning purposes.

Also, you can join the Isle a la Cache Museum for their upcoming “Turtle Tuesday” events to gain more knowledge about the specie. Here are the dates:

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