Jump Into The Fourth of July With Skydive Chicago


Jump into the holiday weekend with Skydive Chicago for their Annual 4th of July Boogie event next Thursday, July 1-4, 2021. Bring your family and friends out for a thrilling experience you can’t find elsewhere.

There will be many organizers in multiple disciplines for the entire weekend, so that they can have as many people jumping. Registration is free and not required.

skydive chicago     skydive chicago

On Saturday, July 3rd there will be a firework show and UFO Jumps, so grab your blanket, head over to their lawn at dusk and enjoy the show! After, join them at the Tiki Bar so that you can enjoy the rest of the night. Also, there will be a 6-way Speed Star competition with belly and vertical options.

Registration is $45, $15 of it goes to covering camera slots and the rest into the prize pool. Competitors must also cover their slots for all 3 rounds of the competition and any re-jumps if necessary. You must register by 8am on Saturday, July 3rd. Those who are not skydiving that day, there will be a $5 donation per car.

It’s time to experience the rush, and try something new! For more information, visit www.heritagecorridorcvb.com/Event-Details?eventer=16180

skydive chicago

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