A Side of Wine With Your Football

It’s that time of the year again when you get together with friends and family and make a very big decision. What is the best commercial from the Super Bowl game this year? All jokes aside, you want to take your pre, mid, and post-game wine sipping lightly! 

August Hill Winery has you covered with some great Super Bowl Wine Bundles. They are offering three different bundle options to choose from: dry, sweet, and sparkling! 

Each bundle includes three wines, super bowl pairing ideas, and a delicious recipe to enjoy with your wines: 


Super Bowl Sparkling Wine Bundle: Brut, Brut Zero, and Brut Ombré Rosé


Super Bowl Dry Wine Bundle: Berlyn, Chardinel, and La Belle Rosé


Super Bowl Sweet Wine Bundle: Mardi Gras, Sweet William, and Trapolino

Enjoy the Super Bowl the right way this year. To find out more about the Super Bowl Bundles from August Hill Winery click here. https://www.heritagecorridorcvb.com/Event-Details?eventer=13679

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