Beer Releases: January 17 - 23, 2021

New Releases -  Coming Soon

Outside Lock and Mule, Lockport IL

Say hello to Lock and Mule

We were able to take a trip inside the newest location for Tangled Roots Brewing Company in Lockport, IL.  It's the third location for the company, who opened up a location in Glenview a few days ago called Hanger Two.  Click the link for amazing food shots and a live video with horrible audio (evil iPhone).

Wednesday, January 20

Mr. Mustachio

Mr. Mustachio Could Beat Up Mr. Pringles

So, everytime I hear Mr. Mustachio, I imagine the Pringles guy.  I don't know why, and both have nothing to do with each other, but sometimes I like to share with the blog (maybe a little too much).  Anyway. Mr. Mustachio is a traditional Baltic Porter "gone rogue."  Dark malts pair with Bourbon and Madagascar Vanilla - complex character and a medium body.  All jokes outside, this is an amazing beer and worth visiting Will County brewing this weekend for.

Can and glass of wood vibrations

This Beer's Giving Me Excitations

Alter Brewing Company's Wood Vibrations is a clean and easy drinking Helles lager brewed with Czech Saaz hops and aged 5 months in an oak Foeder, contributing subtle oak barrel notes to this already classic brew.  Feel free to pick your tune below for drinking while you enjoy this one.

Can of beer from Miskatonic

A Beastly Wakeup

Miskatonic has a limited amount of Coffee Displacer Beast available.  This one will warm you up, as its a Ancho Mole Milk Stout w/ Coffee.  As they say, the best part of waking up, is Displacer Beast in your cup.

Long glass of Il Fortuno from Whiskey Hill Brewing Company

The Lucky One

Il Fortuno is back, but with a twist.  If you haven't had the original Il Fortuno, it's a Kolsh style Ale brewed with Italian sodas and Limocello in mind.  This version was conditioned with a touch of Tangerine peels.  Can't wait to give this one a try!

Thursday, January 21

Cans from Ike & Oak of Grizzly Hackle and Woollysicle

Grizzly Dreams

Have to to share from Ike & Oak Brewing, including one dreamsicle beer returner!

Grizzly Hackle Double IPA is fruity with a citrus hop aroma, and intense bitterness that builds upon a malty background.  Woollysicle is a Dreamsicle Milkshake IPA.  Hazy, creamy, with notes of orange & vanilla, and a fruity hop character. A touch of lactose is added for an indulgent creaminess.


Tangled Roots Releases the Raptor

Tangled Roots River Raptor Pale Ale is now available at all three Tangled Roots locations (Ottawa, Glenview, and Lockport).  This one is rewed with Pale Ale Malt, Belma, Citra and Mosaic hops.  Bold and juicy with a light, sessional body.

Friday, January 22

Reddish-tinted beer

168 Pounds of Blackberries and Raspberries

Ahhh, the good ol' days ... Summer 2019.  The first time we saw Summer Camp of Carnage.  Back when we could actually talk to people, without masks and social distancing.  Anyway, if that seems like a long time ago, let me refresh your memory on this beer.  It's a 4.5% American Wheat packed with 168 pounds of fresh blackberries and raspberries - in case you were wondering on what gives the beer that hue.

A Beer Named for a New York Met

Two beers today from Rt66 Old School Brewing, including Daryl the Strawberry Hef.  It's fruity, with notes of strawberry and banana.  Also back is Percolator, because its time for thePercolator.  It's time for the Percolator.  It's time for the Percolator.  Percolator is OSB's Millrace Porter (Roasted Barley-Dark Chocolate-Caramel) with coffee.

Saturday, January 23

Cans of Personal Chain Letter and Behind Abbey Doors from Pollyanna Brewing Company

This Beer's Giving Me Excitations

A trip to Pollyanna is always a super fun time.  On Saturday, it's going to be a Super Fun Time, with capital letters.  They're having a cool event that day, and releasing to beers.  Behind Abbey Doors is a recipe from the archives (aka 2017), which is a slightly sweeted version of a brown ale, fermented with Belgian yeast.  A touch of toast and a light bitterness.  Personal Chain Letter is their awesome imperial stout, and this variant features their vanilla - a soft touch to classic.

Coming Soon

Label for Zlotonator, featuring a dragon

The Wawel Dragon

In previous updates, we've mentioned the upcoming Zlotonator Dobblebock.  Now, we have the can art in the inspiration about the design.  Read on, and make sure to watch out for the release of Zlonator which will be released the week of February 8.

Once upon a time, an evil dragon lived below Wawel Castle along the Vistula River in Krakow, Poland. Every day he wreaked havoc on the townspeople and their property. King Krakus promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever killed the dragon. A cobbler’s apprentice, Skuba, outsmarted the dragon by placing a lamb stuffed with sulfur and hay outside his cave. The gluttonous dragon gobbled it up, but was immediately overcome by a burning sensation in his throat. Hoping to soothe the burn, he drank and drank from the river. But since water does not stop burning sulfur, gases kept building up inside his belly till the dragon exploded! Had the “Z?otonator” Doppelbock been around back then, it would no doubt have been the beer of choice at Skuba and Princess Wanda’s wedding.

Three bar stools and a bar

Sometimes, It's Nice to Have a Dreamcrusher

Flapjack Brewery is working on a new beer, Dreamcrusher in a Hoodie Rye IPA.  We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Split photo - left ... three brewers posing for a photo, right - same brewers in a van together

Riding Double Shotgun

The story about this Will County Brewing and Urban Brew Labs collab, as told by Urban Brew Labs' Facebook page...

It all started on a very hot summer day en route to Brew at the Zoo, there they were, @willcountybrew stranded on the side of the road with their transit van looking defeated. As we pulled up in our van offering assistance for transportation to the event, it became apparent that three of us needed to squeeze into a two-seater cargo van. As uncomfortable as it was with no-AC, the three of us made the best of it and a forever friendship was bound and Riding Double Shotgun was created!

Brewer bringing Bergamot Hops to production at Alter Brewing Company

Danks Alter!

Alter Brewing Company is working on Dank You 2X IPA.  This one has a lot of Bergamot hops, bringing some juicy orange to the beer.  It's expected to weigh in at 10%.

Brewer holding a giant inflatable palm tree

A New Hwip

Alter Brewing Company's Orange Hwip is massively tasty ... and on December 30, they announced a new Hwip was in the works.  We don't know the flavor, officially, but the photo gives a hint.  

Artwork for West Coast Warlock (lady in roller blades with lightning bolts comign from hands)

West Coast Warlock

Miskatonic is expecting to release West Coast Warlock ... a bumped up version of West Coast Wizard.  They increased the dry-hop of the previous version and ramped up the ABV to 8% for this West Coast-inspired DIPA.

Miskatonic and Skeleton Key Brewers making a batch of beer

Your Dungeon or Mine?

Skeleton Key Brewery and Miskatonic Brewing got together for a Barleywine collab entitled Your Dungeon or Mine.  

bags of ingredients next to a brewing vessel at Ike and Oak Brewing

A New Woolly

Mid-February will be time for a new Woolly from Ike & Oak.  These Milkshake IPA's are always top-notch.  You can see some of the ingredients for it here, 2-row malted barley, wheat, oats, and lactose.

Got Balloon Head?

Metal Monkey is brewing up some Balloon Head for their upcoming Anniversary.  Cherry and Blue Raspberry.  If you're a fan of Airheads candy, you'll love it.  Check out a little behind the scenes in the embedded video.

Scenes from the Corridor