Beer Releases: January 24 - 30, 2021

New Releases -  Coming Soon

Graphic promoting Metal Monkey's Fifth Anniversary

Metal Monkey Turns Five

The Romeoville-based brewery is celebrating their fifth anniversary this weekend, starting on Thursday for Backstage Pass Members and Friday for the rest of y'all.  We've got details on the party by clicking here.  

Thursday, January 28

Logo for Boltneck Coffee Stout


Boltneck is a tasty little brew from Flapjack Brewery in Berwyn, IL.  6.8% ABV, 55 IBU.

Four pack of Monkey Nut Peanut Butter Porter

It's Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

Where it at?  Where it at? Where it at? Where it at?  Ike & Oak.  Ike & Oak.  Ike & Oak.  Ike & Oak.  (Ok, I'm actually a little impressed with myself on this reference ...)

Monkey Nut is a chocolate and peanut butter porter weighing in at 4.8% ABV.  Taste little number that is definately worth the 4-pack pick up.


Friday, January 29

Two cans of Fukitol


What happens when you get brewers from five breweries together to make a beer in 2020?  FÜKITØL.  What happens when you need a fun beer to celebrate Metal Monkey's fifth anniversary?  FÜKITØL.  What happens when you want to play a clip from Robin Williams?  FÜKITØL.  FYI, what we know on the beer - its a West Coast Style IPA with Lemondrop, Motueka, Sultana, and Mandarina Bavaria hops.  

Draft will be available at Metal Monkey, but cans will be available at Black Horizon, Skeleton Key, and Werk Force, as well as Metal Monkey.  

FUKITOL and Horizon IPA Volume 16

A New Horizon

Black Horizon Brewing Company has released its 16th version of Horizon IPA, which is a Simcoe and Citra-hopped IPA.  Sticky pine, citrus sap, and mild bready backbone.  Get a four pack at BHBC, as well as FUKITOL.

Picture of face (white skin, red nose, nasty teeth --- probably the Joket) with a cherry and lime photoshopped in person's mouth

One Deadlight

Deadlights is a nice little cherry lime kettle sour over at Mad Hatchet in Shorewood.  You're going to really like this one ... light with great fruit flavor.

Artwork for West Coast Warlock (lady in roller blades with lightning bolts comign from hands)

West Coast Warlock

Miskatonic's West Coast Warlock is now available!  It's a bumped up version of West Coast Wizard.  They increased the dry-hop of the previous version and ramped up the ABV to 8% for this West Coast-inspired DIPA.

Four cans and a glass of Raspberry-Vanilla Allure from Pollyanna Brewing Company

Raspberry-Vannilla Allure

Pollyanna's Allure series is full of great flavors, packed in a Berliner-Style Weiss that is purely refreshing.  This variant is Raspberry-Vanilla Allure, and you'll love the combination.  It's not too flavors you see typically packaged together --- but after having this one, I believe it'll be a popular one.  Big fan.

Glass of Pauly's Truck (with a little toy truck in front of it)

Pauly's Truck has arrived at OSB

Rt66 Old School Brewing's newest is a personal recipe from Head Brewer Pauly's pre-Head Brewer days.  Paul's truck is an award-winning NEIPA that is citrusy, hazy, and refreshing.  Ask Pauly why it's named, Pauly's Truck.

AAAIIPA from Nik & Ivy Brewing Company

A - A - A

Nik & Ivy is giving us AAAIIPA (Triple Ehh Double IPA).  It's a classic take on the Double IPA.  You'll love the malty body with a punch of bitterness from the hops.  Apollo, Altus, and Azacca hops bring citrus, grapefruit, and resin notes along with hints of spice that finishes smooth and clean.  Get yours today!

Saturday, January 30

A Can of Pilcher's Pale Ale sitting on the railroad track

A Flagship from MyGrain is Back

One of MyGrain's flagship beers is back in cans.  Pilcher's Pale Ale is a worldwide take on an American Style, including Dutch, German, Belgian malts, rounded out by buckets of citrusy American hops to give it a strong bitterness and aroma.

Coming Soon

Graphic promoting the coming soon of pina colada hwip  from Alter Brewing Company

Hwip it Good

Alter Brewing Company's Orange Hwip is awesome, and we can't wait to try Pina Colada Hwip - which will be coming soon.  Check out the Brewery's description ...

This is another brand new one for us, and the second in our fruit-forward milkshake IPA Hwip series. Featuring the tropical vibes of pineapple and coconut, Piña Colada Hwip takes your taste buds on a smooth and creamy cruise to the flavor islands.?

Label for Zlotonator, featuring a dragon

The Wawel Dragon

In previous updates, we've mentioned the upcoming Zlotonator Dobblebock.  Now, we have the can art in the inspiration about the design.  Read on, and make sure to watch out for the release of Zlonator which will be released the week of February 8.

Once upon a time, an evil dragon lived below Wawel Castle along the Vistula River in Krakow, Poland. Every day he wreaked havoc on the townspeople and their property. King Krakus promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever killed the dragon. A cobbler’s apprentice, Skuba, outsmarted the dragon by placing a lamb stuffed with sulfur and hay outside his cave. The gluttonous dragon gobbled it up, but was immediately overcome by a burning sensation in his throat. Hoping to soothe the burn, he drank and drank from the river. But since water does not stop burning sulfur, gases kept building up inside his belly till the dragon exploded! Had the “Z?otonator” Doppelbock been around back then, it would no doubt have been the beer of choice at Skuba and Princess Wanda’s wedding.

Three bar stools and a bar

Sometimes, It's Nice to Have a Dreamcrusher

Flapjack Brewery is working on a new beer, Dreamcrusher in a Hoodie Rye IPA.  We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Split photo - left ... three brewers posing for a photo, right - same brewers in a van together

Riding Double Shotgun

The story about this Will County Brewing and Urban Brew Labs collab, as told by Urban Brew Labs' Facebook page...

It all started on a very hot summer day en route to Brew at the Zoo, there they were, @willcountybrew stranded on the side of the road with their transit van looking defeated. As we pulled up in our van offering assistance for transportation to the event, it became apparent that three of us needed to squeeze into a two-seater cargo van. As uncomfortable as it was with no-AC, the three of us made the best of it and a forever friendship was bound and Riding Double Shotgun was created!

Miskatonic and Skeleton Key Brewers making a batch of beer

Your Dungeon or Mine?

Skeleton Key Brewery and Miskatonic Brewing got together for a Barleywine collab entitled Your Dungeon or Mine.  

bags of ingredients next to a brewing vessel at Ike and Oak Brewing

A New Woolly

Mid-February will be time for a new Woolly from Ike & Oak.  These Milkshake IPA's are always top-notch.  You can see some of the ingredients for it here, 2-row malted barley, wheat, oats, and lactose.

Got Balloon Head?

Metal Monkey is brewing up some Balloon Head for their upcoming Anniversary.  Cherry and Blue Raspberry.  If you're a fan of Airheads candy, you'll love it.  Check out a little behind the scenes in the embedded video.

Scenes from the Corridor