Beer Releases: January 5 - 9, 2021

New Releases -  Coming Soon

Tuesday, January 5

Cans on Quiet Contemplation - Black Horizon Brewing Company

Close Your Eyes, Take a Sip, Enjoy the Goodness

Quiet Contemplation is the newest from Black Horizon Brewing Company in Willowbrook, IL.  It's a milk stout with cinnamon, vanilla, and cold brew coffee.  The best part of waking up is having this in your cup.  Hit up BHBC and get a four pack.  Dune Shaper (Golden Ale with Blueberry) and Blueberry Double Sugar Bomb (Imperial Milkshake IPA w/ blueberry and extra vanilla) are both available.  Limited quantities on the Blueberry Double Sugar Bomb.  

Glass of beer on a barrel outside Ike & Oak Brewing Co.


Woolly You-Hoo is the newest Milkshake IPA from Ike & Oak Brewing.  Think of this one like a chocolate covered orange peel - it's hazy, creamy, and has notes of chocolate and citrus.  The beer was brewed with Citra and Amarillo hops.

Dank U, Next

Dank U, Next

Dank U, Next is Whiskey Hill's NEIPA with Citra and Enigma hops.  A great aroma of peach, dried apricots, fresh berries, and white wine.  Creamy mouthfeel, subtle malt sweetness, and a oat heavy grain bill.  

Thursday, January 7

Johnny Tightlips from The Simpsons

The Simpsons Did It!

Simpsons fans may recognize Johnny Tightlips, one of Fat Tony's associates.  The character is is actually a reference to Frank "Tight Lips" Gusenberg, who was shot in the real-life St. Valentine's Day Massacre - and while dying said "Nobody shot me ...".  #TheMoreYouKnow

Gose Suck a Lemon is a soured-up sour from Metal Monkey that tastes like lemonade.  This Imperial Gose packs a kick, weighing in a 8.3% ABV.  El Jefe will also be available in cans as well.  This is a great little German Hefeweizen.  

Friday, January 8

Left side - label for beer for brewers, right side - belgian golden strong bottle and can ... both from Miskatonic Brewing

Miskatonic Dropping Two

First up, Miskatonic Brewing Company and Oswego Brewing Company teamed up for Beer for Brewers.  It's a German--style Schwarzbier, a dark and delicious lager that will have a super limited release.  Secondly, Miskatonic seperated a portion of its Belgian Golden Strong that hit cans a few weeks ago.  This portion enjoyed a second, slow fermentation in the bottle.  It's expected that this version will have increased complexity and amplified vivacity from much higher champagne-like carboonation and live active yeast.  

Glass of beer in front of seasonal decorations at Rt66 Old School Brewing

Rt66 Old School Brewing's Got the Funk

Brothers and sisters, head down to Wilmington and enjoy Interplanetary Funkmanship from Rt66 Old School Brewing.  This is a Berliner Weisse - tart, a little sour, fruity and delicious.  Refreshingly good, ask them to add syrup to amp up the funk.  

Coming Soon

Brewer bringing Bergamot Hops to production at Alter Brewing Company

Danks Alter!

Alter Brewing Company is working on Dank You 2X IPA.  This one has a lot of Bergamot hops, bringing some juicy orange to the beer.  It's expected to weigh in at 10%.

Brewer holding a giant inflatable palm tree

A New Hwip

Alter Brewing Company's Orange Hwip is massively tasty ... and on December 30, they announced a new Hwip was in the works.  We don't know the flavor, officially, but the photo gives a hint.  

Pallet of Goldfinger cans in a dimly lit storage area

About to See The Light

Goldfinger is teasing the release of their Lager in cans, which is expected to be relased next week.  Zlotonator Dobblebock is also scheduled to come in February.  Zloto means gold in Polish.  This beer is expected taste "exactly how the monks would desribe it." liquid bread.

Artwork for West Coast Warlock (lady in roller blades with lightning bolts comign from hands)

West Coast Warlock

Miskatonic is expecting to release West Coast Warlock ... a bumped up version of West Coast Wizard.  They increased the dry-hop of the previous version and ramped up the ABV to 8% for this West Coast-inspired DIPA.

Miskatonic and Skeleton Key Brewers making a batch of beer

Your Dungeon or Mine?

Skeleton Key Brewery and Miskatonic Brewing got together for a Barleywine collab entitled Your Dungeon or Mine.  

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