Beer Releases: April 11 - April 17, 2021


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Sunday, April 11

 Glass of orange beer with text on tap today . new hazy ipa .. .from Mad Hatchet

Book Fair Lamborghini Poster

OK, the name just simply cracks me up.  All I have to say.  Mad Hatchet's latest hazy brings a beautiful orange color to the glass.  The beer clocks in at 6.3% abv, and is hopped with Sabro and Citra.

A glass and four pack of Migratory from Skeleton Key Brewery

A Coconut Classic

Migratory is back on tap at Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge, IL.  This is an truly amazing Toasted Coconut Golden Ale.  It's one a highly recommend (the first beer I had at SKB) and still one of my go-to's.  

Monday, April 12

No beers released.

Tuesday, April 13

Beer board with SOLD OUT superimposed overtop

Collab with Whiskey Hill and Foreign Exchange

 The original blend of the TFTI base was combined with the base of Barycentric Imperial Stout.  That marked the start of this journey for BA TFTI. The brew was then aged for 11 months over at Foreign Exchange in 5-year Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels.  The final produce was then aged with pistachios, toasted coconut, and Madagascar vanilla beans.  The result is a 12.5% BA TFTI Imperial Stout.

Wednesday, April 14

 Two Cans of Cake Crusher from Black Horizon Brewing Company

I Came Here to Crush Cakes and Take Names

This is one of those beers that when you hear what's in it, you would say "I'd eat that."  When you find out it is a beer, you would say "Even Better!" Black Horizon's Cake Crusher series is a truly delightful set of Golden Ales.  This version is their blueberry variant, giving you the liquid and alcoholic version of a supremly tasty blueberry cheesecake.  


Six cans of Goldfinger Brewing Company's Maibock

Goldfinger's Maibock

A bright and floral aroma is the first think you will notice from Goldfinger's Maibock.  Followed by a sweet malt and bready flavor that finishes smooth and dry.  Definitely worth a pick-up at their Downers Grove location or via distribution.

Glass of Pollyanna beer surrounded by caramel candies

Granny Candy

Love the name of this beer!  The inspiration for this beer is Grandma and her bowl of Werther's Caramel.  At least my grandparents always had that bowl of Werther's.  Granny Candy is described as a Caramel Candy-Inspired Golden Ale, which was brewed with Golden Promise Malt, Caramel Powder, and "all of Grandma's wisdom."

Thursday, April 15

 Ike and Oak Brewing's Sieben Brucken

Ike and Oak's Bringing Dusseldorf to Woodridge

Returning back to the taps of Ike & Oak Brewing is Sieben Brucken, their Dusseldorf Altbier.  Light bodied and crisp, with a bit of malty sweetness and a touch of hop bitterness.  It's a tradiitonal German beer that you can easily drink while enjoying the full flavor.

several bottles of Tangled Roots beer

All Aboard the Trans Pacific Express

Tangled Roots Brewing Company latest is part of their Survival of the Fittest.  Trans Pacific Express is an easily sessionable IPA with a ton of Coconut and Pineapple puree.  This was dry hopped with Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra for an extra punch of citrus and tangerine.  Available at all three locations (Ottawa, Lockport, and Glenview.

Friday, April 16

Two brews from Nik and Ivy Brewing in Lockport

Two Dropping at Nik & Ivy

Lockport's Nik & Ivy has one new and one returning beer making its way onto the taps today.  The Lake Life is an American Blueberry Wheat that weighs in at 5.5% ABV.  Fresh blueberry aroma and flavor, with a little bit of vanilla and hops.  Truly crushable.

 Kiwi Allure

In the Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi Room

A warm weekend calls for a refreshing beer.  Pollyanna Brewing's Kiwi Allure is just that.  This Berliner Weisse is a staple from the Lemont Brewery, and is perfect for their outdoor porch tables.

Logo for Stom Shake

A Double-Milkshake

Miskatonic's Storm Shake is back!  It's a Milkshake IPA that weighs in at 8.3% ABV, but has a true ice cream parlor twist.  Imagine your normal Milkshake IPA that has pillowy milk sugar and real, high quality vanilla added to the mix.  Plenty of IPA bitterness and spine that will also satisfy your need for over-the-top creamy, shaky decadence.

Two beers from Rt66 Old School Brewing

Rt66 Old School's Two Drop Friday

Two new brews at the Wilmington-based Rt66 Old School Brewing.  Aim to Misbehave is their Rt66 Old School Brewing's latest Pink Alewife varient.  Annie designed hers to infused with Strawberry and Mango, and is looking to beat the 27-minute "Quickest Tap Challenge."  Cardinal Kisses is a Red Ale with Malty, Caramel, and Toffee notes.  This beer is named in honor of Tina (the owner)'s father.

Two different beers from Skeleton Key Brewery

Dropping Til They Hop at SKB

Skeleton Key Brewery has two hop heavy pale ales today.  Ill Gufo is a big hazy filled with pillowy juiciness.  The other is crisp and clear, going by the name Friends Don't Lie.  Both get a thumbs up from me.  

Saturday, April 17

Logo for Locked and Loaded from Garage Band Brewing

Locked, Loaded, and Ready for You

Garage Band Brewing's American IPA is back in Plainfield.  This is one of their best, brewed with caramel, Munich malts, flaked oats, Cascade hops, and Citra hops.  You'll get strong fruit and citrus characteristics, spicy earth undertones, and a silky smooth finish.


Hot Spot Drops

We're going to list the date and location of craft beer drops along the Corridor.  Remember, these are all limited and subject to availability (just like everything in life, if you think about it).

Several cans lined in a row at Catseye ottawa

April 13 - CatsEye (Ottawa, IL)

Biergarden Symphony Vienna Lager (Riverlands Brewing), Dean Street IPA (Riverlands Brewing)

Beers from Riverlands Brewing

April 13 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Coastal Daze (Riverlands Brewing), Biergarden Symphony (Riverlands Brewing), Vibrant Complexity (Riverlands Brewing), Sugar Bandits (Saint Errant), Tu Meke (Saint Errant)

Various different beers at Iron&Glass

April 14 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Goldfinger Brewing Company, Southern Grist Brewing Co, Whiskey Hill Brewing Company, On Tour Brewing Company, Pollyanna Brewing Company, Transient Artisan Ales

Stacks of cans from Phase Three Brewing

April 14 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Flutterby (Phase Three Brewing Company)

Cans from Hop Butcher for The World

April 14 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Preorder:  Halogen Farm (Hop Butcher for the World), Your Wish (Hop Butcher for the World) - Friday Pickups for Both


many cans and bottles from Orange & Brew

April 14 - Orange & Brew (Downers Grove, IL)

Southern Grist Brewing Co., Saint Errant Brewing Co., Werk Force Brewing, Pollyanna Brewing Co., Phase Three Brewing Company, Goldfinger Brewing Company, Whiskey Hill Brewing Company, Skeleton Key Brewery, Hopewell Brewing Company

Stack of different beers at Iron&Glass

April 15 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Untitled Art Brewing Company, Commonwealth Brewing Company

Beers from Hailstorm Brewing

April 15 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville, IL)

Hailstorm Brewing's Coconut Vlad, BBA Vlad the Second Maple, Primo, Hotel Life

Graphic with Zoltar from BIG, two Hop Butcher for the World

April 15 - Orange & Brew (Downers Grove, IL)

Halogen Farm (Hop Butcher for the World), Your Wish (Hop Butcher for the World)

Coming Soon

Label for Goldfinger's Maibock

Chela Chido Sneak Peak

April 21 - Details here ...

Garage Band's 4/20 Beer

The world will meet Highbrid Th3ory on April 20.

Cans of Henry, with this year's photoshopped with a big question mark

Henry Returns to Pollyanna

On April 23, Henry returns to Pollyanna.  This beer is based off of little Henry's favorite foods.  Henry is the 2-year old son of Head Brewer Brian.  In 2019, it was Milk Lager w/ cocoa nib and vanilla bean.  In 2020, it was a Dunkel Lager with prunes.

Label for Miskatonic's DDH Nelson Wizard

DDH Nelson Wizard

Miskatonic's next DIPA in their series is DDH Nelson Wizard.  8% West Coast DIPA with double Nelson Sauvin hops, a handful of Cryo Citra, and a splash of CTZ.

Brewer prepping Alter Brewing Company's Festbier

Alter's Festbier

Few months to wait for this goodness, but we'll keep you posted.

Brewers posing for photo after brewing

Alter's Things We Don't Say

A collab with Malteurop Malting Company - expected in a couple weeks.

Scenes from the Corridor