Beer Releases: February 28 - March 7, 2021

New Releases - Hot Spot DropsComing Soon

Golden Growlers

Make sure to get in your nominations for this year's Golden Growlers!  Last day to nominate is March 10.  Visit this link to fill out the form.

Sunday, February 28

No New Beers Scheduled

Monday, March 1

  No New Beers Scheduled

Tuesday, March 2

Glass of Flipping Sneakers from Black Horizon Brewing Company in WIllowbrook, IL
Flipping Sneakers

Black Horizon's newest is a Hybrid Hazy IPA entitled Flipping Sneakers.  Draft only, this IPA features Belma, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops along with Kveik yeast strain.  You're going to get notes of bright citrus, white grape, pine and juicy ... so, it's hazy with a classic IPA hop finish.

Wednesday, March 3

  Glass of Chasing Gravity by Black Horizon Brewing Company

Chasing Gravity

Black Horizon's Belgian Tripel Style Ale, Chasing Gravity, is big and bold, with notes of Belgian spice, pink peppercorns, toasted brioche, and a warming alcohol finish.  This historic beer style will give you a smooth ride.

Four pack and a glass of Haven from Miskatonic Brewing Company

Friendly, Hefting Tones

I actually had to look of "hefting" after I saw this in Miskatonic's description of Haven.  "Lifting."  Here's the description directly from Miskatonic ...

Our ode to easy-drinking East Coast IPA, Haven comes in at a friendly 6.5% hefting tones of mandarin orange, creamy citrus, and bright crystalline resin from a combo punch of Azacca, Citra, and Nugget.

Glass of Woolly Blue Mammoth in front of Ike & Oak

Woolly Blue Memmoth

It sounds like something from The Empire Strikes Back, but trust me, it's much cooler than that.  Ike & Oak Brewing took a favorite, Woolly Mammoth (Milkshake IPA with Pineapple and Strawberry) and gave it a change.  Woolly Blue Mammoth subbed out the strawberry for tart blueberry.  

Tangled Roots glass filed with barley, spelt, corn, wheat, and oats

The Feathered Serpent Diety, Kukulkan

The story behind Tangled Roots' Kukulkan is better told directly from them:

Kukulkan, the feathered Serpent diety, was worshipped by the Mayan people in what is now Mexico. The Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo by the Spanish Conquistadors, was, and remains, the most significant shrine to Kukulkan, whose worship was believed to bring a bountiful harvest. Visit the temple during the Spring or Summer equinox, when day and night are in perfect harmony, and you will see the shadow of Kukulcan descend the temple stairs. Legend has it, the serpent returns to visit his worshippers and provide for a good harvest before bathing in the nearby sacred waters and returning to the underworld. We brewed this sour saison with a perfect balance of five different grains - barley, spelt, corn, wheat, and oats - as a tribute to the serpent king Kukulkan.

Thursday, March 4

  Pollyanna's Dragon Fruit Allure in a can and glass

Pollyanna With Another Alluring Beer

Pollyanna Brewing Company has another new flavor in their series of Berliner Style Weiss Ales.  This one is Dragon Fruit Allure!

Two glasses of beer (different beers) at Mad Hatchet Brewery in Shorewood, IL

Double Dose of The Irish

Mad Hatchet Brewery has two beers on tap that will fill you full of the Luck of the Irish.

  • Leprechaun on the Lash - An Irish red at 4.9%
  • The Patron of Gravedigger's Pub - A dry Irish stout served on nitro at 4.2%

Glass of Pollyanna Pils

Take Two Pils and Call Me in the Morning

Pollyanna Pils is one of the mainstay and must drink beers at Pollyanna Brewing Company in Lemont.  They put their name on it, so you know its awesome.  It's a Bohemian Pilsner that is crafted with their reverse osmosis water, 100% Bohemian Pilsner malts, and a blend of German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops, this crisp and clean pils shows off a soft, delicate malt backing as well as a classic, somewhat fruity, spicy, and floral hop backing. This is lagerbier at it's finest.

Friday, March 5

Glass and can of Peaches and Her, with Pink Boots Society logo

Pink Boots Collab at Skeleton Key Brewery

Peaches & Her is this year's Pink Boots Collab from Skeleton Key Brewery, which is a peach-dominant hoppy wheat ale.  SUPER LIMITED RELEASE!  The hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops includes Cashmere, Ahtanum, Citra, Loral and Sabro hops.  Country Malt Group donated the grain, Omega Yeast donated the Sundew Yeast, and Midwest Mobile Canning donated their time to can the beer.  A portion of the proceeds from each beer sold will be donated to the Pink Boots Society - Chicago Chapter to support educational programs and opportunities for women in beer.  

Four cans and a glass of In the Cards from Pollyanna Brewing Company in Lemont, IL 

This Beer is In The Cards

Quite literally, because the name of the beer is In The Cards.  It's a Hazy APA that's double dry hopped with Citra and Cryo Loral hops and fermented with Kveik yeast.  #KveikYeah

Dark beer next to a growler of coffee

A Late Edition on Friday

Black Horizon has a nitro-infused Schwarzbier that's a taproom exclusive.  Like sipping on a glass on unsweetened Tiramisu. Pushed through a nitrogen faucet this creamy infused lager has delicate dessert notes without any lactose or heavy sweetness. Be Cold Blooded Coffee Roastersprovided a unique specialty coffee roast to compliment this delicate beer.
Notes: Raisin, vanilla, espresso, soft hazelnut, NOT SWEET. LACTOSE FREE!

Dellwood IPA graphic

A New and Improved Dellwood

Nik & Ivy Brewing is re-releasing Dellwood IPA with an improved grain profile.  It's a classic IPA with pine and citrus notes and aroma.  

Saturday, March 6

No New Beers Scheduled

Sunday, March 7

No New Beers Scheduled


Hot Spot Drops

We're going to list the date and location of craft beer drops along the Corridor.  Remember, these are all limited and subject to availability (just like everything in life, if you think about it).

Pretzels and cans at Orange and Brew in Downers Grove, IL

Wednesday, March 3 - Orange & Brew (Downers Grove)

Strawberry Chantilly and Double Creme from Phase Three Brewing Company, LULZ Hard Seltzer Hopped Hard Seltzer, Boom Box Pretzels

Several beers from Iron&Glass Romeoville

Wednesday, March 3 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville)

DDH Creme, Strawberry Chantilly, and Lulz Hard Seltzer from Phase Three Brewing Company, Why is the Cake Gone from Central Waters Brewing Company

Thursday, March 4 order & Friday, May 5 pickup - Iron&Glass (Romeoville) and Orange & Brew (Downers Grove)

Unwind Your Mind and Swirling Phlourish from Hop Butcher for the World

SEveral cans of beer at Iron&Glass Romeoville

Thursday, March 4 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville)

Rolling 7s and Pleased as Pie Coconut from Adventurous Brewing LLC, Man Child and Riot Juice from Hidden Springs Ale Works

Liquid Love Brewing - Don't be a Dick

Thursday, March 4 - Iron&Glass (Romeoville)

2020 Cafe Deth from Revolution Brewing, Don't Be A Dick from Liquid Love Brewing

Friday, March 5 - Orange & Brew (Downers Grove)

Six different beers from Rhinegeist.


Coming Soon

Brewers from Black Horizon Brewing and Windmill Brewing working on a collab beer

A Key Collab

Alex from Black Horizon working with a brewer from Windmill Brewing (Dyer, IN) on a new collab featuring Key Lime.  

One brewer pouring ingredients into a vessel.  Some looking on, one looking at camera.

Pink Boots on Rt66

Rt66 Old School Brewing is working on their Pink Boots beer, more info soon!

A portion of two labels ... only black raspberry and lemon lime is visible

Is it Seltzer?

Will County Brewing Company is teasing something new, as you can see in the image above.  I'm guessing Seltzer, just because I see the "zer".  What do you think?

Alter Brewing Company - bleacher seat logo

Can you believe it's time for ...

Bleacher Seat from Alter Brewing!  One of the things I look forward to as Spring Training kicks off.

Scenes from the Corridor