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Glass of One Stitch being held up by a hand

Skeleton Key Brewing
One Stitch

Cans of Gentle Lazers from Black Horizon Brewing Comapny

Black Horizon Brewing
Gentle Lazers

Graphic featuring three cans of The Ellis Redding

Metal Monkey Brewing
Ellis Redding

Fireside Milk Stout

Blue Nose Brewery
Fireside Milk Stout

Friday, November 6

New Cans from Elder Brewing Company

New Cans from Elder

Elder Brewing Company is turning three, and you can visit them preorder or pick up these festive cans for the occasion.  Available to pick up (as of writing):  No Se Lager, Old Gang Orchestra, Polys Revenge, Uncle Jack's Gris Gris (IPA) and West Park IPA

Cans of Double Sugar Bomb from Black Horizon Brewing Company

Ramped Up Sugar Bomb

Have you had Black Horizon Brewing Company's Sugar Bomb?  Well, they've done bigger.  Presenting DOUBLE SUGAR BOMB.  In all-caps for emphasis, because it packs massive vanilla, cream, and hop fruit flavor.  They literally used double the malt, hops, and vanilla.  Weighs in at a hefty 10% ABV.  Cool thing is that the three guys from BHBC has been worked into the can artwork.

Three photos - German chocolate cake, cocoa, and toasted coconut.

Keyboard Warrior and Death by Metal

Check out the ingredients on this one:  dark roasted barley, sweet caramel malt, decadent dark cocoa, a touch of pecan flour, and 75lbs of toasted coconut.  Metal Monkey's "Keyboard Warrior" is a German Chocolate Cake inspired beer that I can't wait to try!  The 2nd beer being released today by Metal Monkey is Death by Metal.  It's imperial porter that has rich dark chocolate and coffee flavors and a big body.  For the first - Death by Metal was Bourbon-barrel aged.  

Cherry Long Tongue Liar - Miskatonic Brewing

The Newest Long Tongue Liar

Miskatonic is releasing its newest variant of Long Tongue Liar - Cherry!  The kettle sour has a rosy hue, combinging gentle fruit-driven acidity with a crisp mouthfeel and a touch of pilsner malt sweetness.  

Glass of Minooka Wit, surrounded by River Hawk Brewing

Feeling Wit-ty

Back on tap today at River Hawk Brewing is Minooka Wit.  The wit/wheat beer is made with orange and coriander, weighing in at 5%

River Bay Red in a glass from Rt66 Old School Brewing

The River to Rt66 Old School Brewing

Back with their weekly release is Rt66 Old School Brewing, offering us River Bay Red.  This is a tasty one, with tasting notes of toffee, nuts, and chocolate.  5.25% ABV.

Saturday, November 7

6 cans from Pollyanna Brewing (two of Fire, two of Ice, and two of Bourbon Barrel Aged Hideaway)

A Trio to Celebrate Pollyanna Brewing's Third Brewery

Pollyanna St. Charles will be celebrating its first birthday on November 7, 2020 - and you can get their three celebratory beers at all three locations (Lemont, Roselle, and St. Charles).

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Hideaway - An Imperial Milk Stout aged in High Rye Bourbon Barrels with Tugboat Coffee, Maple, Cocoa Nib, and Vanilla Bean
  • Fire - An India Pale Ale brewed with Citrz, Zythos, and Huell Lemon that was brewed hot with Espe Kveik yeast.
  • Ice - An India Pale Ale brewed with the same hops as Fire, but brewed with Lager yeast.

Orange Dizzy Up The Girl from Garage Band Brewing (surrounded by oranges)

A New Dizzy Rocking Out in Plainfield

Garage Band Brewing has released a new variant of Dizzy Up The Girl, Orange Dizzy.  It's that same base ale, totally refreshing, with the addition of smooth, citrusy amazing orange flavor.  A true rocker!

Wednesday, November 11

Glass of Mutual Confection from Alter Brewing Company

Ice Cream!!!

Alter has a brand new ice cream stout, a new experiment for them.  This creamy dessert beer features soft chocolate notes, sweet strawberry, and vanilla.  

Cans of Barrel-Aged Sugar Bomb from Black Horizon Brewing Company

Barrel-Aged Sugar Bomb

Black Horizon Brewing Company has canned their FOBAB entry for us, Barrel-Aged Sugar Bomb.  We've all had (and if you haven't, you should) their Milkshake IPA - Sugar Bomb.  They took Sugar Bomb and aged it for 6 months in Koval Bourbon Barrels.  End result?  A creamy and oaky IPA with notes of bourbon, vanilla, cream, and mild hopfruit.  

Thursday, November 12

Cans of Black Forest Bedtime Story Black Lager from Tangled Roots Brewing Company

It's Time for a Bedtime Story, plus Champagn Ale

Black Forest Bedtime Story is a brew from Tangled Roots Brewing Company's Survival of the Fittest series.  It apparently did well, as it has some beautfiful cans.  Champagne Ale is a Belgian Ale with Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc hops.  It's brewed with natural flavors that emulate a bubbly champagne.

Bottles of Mauled by Kambucha by Ike & Oak Brewing   Two bottles and a glass of Class V from Ike and Oak.

Three Big Releases from Ike & Oak

BBA Mauled by Kambucha is a Russian Imperial Stout that's been Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel-aged for ten months.  Full bodied, dark, rich, and complex. Notes of chocolate fudge minglewith coffee, vanilla, and smokiness to round out this beer.  They used Galena and Northern Brewery hops for this 11% ABV beer.  They've also released RBA Mauled by Kambucha, which was aged in Heaven Hill Rye bottles.   BBA Class V Double Stout  was originally released in 2019. A limited quantity was held back to further bottle age and release again in 2020.  The beer has aroma and flavor of chocolate and bourbon. Notes of malt and coffee, caramel sweetness along with toasty bitterness and low hop character.  It was brewed with Horizon and Vanguard hops and reached an 8% ABV.

A glass of Sawzall Kung Fu from Mad Hatchet Brewing in Shorewood, IL

A New IPA from Mad Hatchet

Sawzall Kung Fu from Mad Hatchet is the cousin of Chainsaw Fistfight's Kung Fu.  It's a product of their red IPA-based recipe and has the properties of mosaic, citra, amaillo, and mandarina bavaria hops!

Glass and Growler of Paintball Fight Kettle Sour from Skeleton Key Brewery

A Summer Favorite is Back at Skeleton Key

It may be Fall, but that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate the best things from the summer of 2020.  One of those was Paintball Fight Kettle Sour, which is back over at Skeleton Key Brewery.  It's tart and refreshing, and a must-have if you're a fan of the sour.

A glass of SchmuckJack IPA from Flapjack Brewery

A New IPA from Flapjack

What could be my favorite beer name for the week, SchmuckJack IPA is now available at Flapjack Brewing.  This IPA weights in a 6.5% APV, which was dryhopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops and infused with Hopzoil.  

Otto Brauer Lichtbier - Will County Brewing Co.

Will County Brewing's Newest Leichtbier

Everyone, may I introduce you to Otta Brauer German Leichtbeir.  Leichtbier literally translates into "light beer."  Crisp, effervescent, a noble hop aroma and a hint of lemont.  

Friday, November 13

Graphic for Alter Brewing Company's Kings Blood (featuring a can of the beer)

A Message from the King

You would think that I'd go for a horror-pun on Friday the 13th.  But, the Mrs. and I watched Hamilton last night on Disney+, so those songs are stuck in my head.  Any-who ...

King's Blood from Alter Brewing Company is the amped-up version of King Balaton cherry wheat ale.  That ale was barrel aged in red wine barrels for several months.  How good is it?  Well, a few years' ago, King's Blood took home two awards from FOBAB (Festival of Barrel-Aged Beers).

Graphic of Nik & Ivy's weekend events

Coming to Nik & Ivy's

On Friday, we will be seeing Loren's Lager being released at Nik & Ivy.  As soon as I see more, I'll update the post!

Glass of Pothole Stout from Rt66 Old School Brewing

A Pothole You Definitely Want to Hit

Rt66 Old School Brewing has released a new stout, Pothole.  It's a 6.4% ABV dark beer that gives you notes that are toasty and chocolately.

Metal Monkey's First in their Shutdown Series

Shoutout to Joliet Brewers Guild!  The guys over at Metal Monkey were avid homebrewers and members of the JBG.  They're flashing back to those days with their new Shutdown Series beers.  The first is Hops in the Abyss.  It's a American Pale Ale weighing in at 5% ABV.  Strong bitterness with notes of pine and tropical fruit, with a dank resinous finish.  Only one keg of this one, which was brewed with Trident and Sultana hops.  Get it while you can!

Coming Soon

Cans from Pollyanna Brewing Company - Toasted Marshmallow Fun Size and Bananas Foster Fun Size

Fun Size, How I Love Thee plus a DREAMSICLE BEER

On Saturday, 11/14, as part of the "PollyannA Super Fun Time Winter Party November Edition" (the name cracks me up), Pollyanna Brewing will be releasing a mixed four pack of Toasted Marshmallow Fun Size and BRAND NEW Bananas Foster Fun Size.  Available at noon!  Perfect for those like me who can't make decisions - you'll get the new Bananas Foster AND the amazing Toasted Marshmallow.  Dreamsicle Flurries, a what ale with Orange and Vanilla, will aslo be released.  And, lucky for me - the guy who can't make decisions, Friday is payday - so I'll be getting all three.

Two cans of Dreamsicle Flurries

Brewers from both Goldfinger Brewing and Hop Butcher for the World

A Gold Butcher Collab

Quoting Goldfinger's latest post

We did something really fun yesterday! For our first ever collaboration beer, we teamed up with our friends from Hop Butcher for the World to brew a beer that transcends style guidelines and upends the lager stereotype. The great hop-centric minds at Hop Butcher and the lager loyalists at Goldfinger brainstormed a beer that would represent both breweries in the most drinkable way possible. Combining rare new hop varietals with unwavering traditional lager brewing techniques, we can’t wait for you to drink this beer.

As with all beers at Goldfinger, it will require patience as extended lagering will make this beer truly shine. Stay tuned for more details on the beer and the release.

Graphic from Garage Band Brewing -

On Deck at Garage Band

Fear the Voices (Double IPA) and Fell on Black Days (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) are being brewed at Garage Band Brewing in Plainfield.  All are coming soon!

Stout being transferred from barrel to tank at Ike & Oak

A New BBA Stout from Ike & Oak

Ike & Oak is working on a new BBA Stout.  The brew was aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill distillery barrels.  You can see in the photo above, it's being transferred to their serving tank prior to bottling.  Coming soon!




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