Beer Releases: October 16 - October 23, 2020

New Releases -  Coming Soon

As the temps drop, we're actually seeing a higher number of lighter beers.  Stout season can wait a little bit longer.  Plus, we've got reason to embed a song from the band Kansas which is actually older than me.  

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Graphic - Ghuleh! from Metal Monkey Brewing

Metal Monkey Brewing

Graphic for Full Moon Fever from Will County Brewing Company

Will County Brewing Co.
Full Moon Fever

Label for Lime Grenade Kolsh from Whiskey Hill and Blue Nose

Whiskey Hill Brewing and Blue Nose Brewing
Lime Grenade

Several oranges in a pile

Metal Monkey Brewing

hops being grown at a household

Nik and Ivy Brewing
Dellwood IPA

Seven bottles of Autumn Equinox from Tangled Roots Brewing Company

Tangled Roots Brewing Co.
Autumn Equinox

Moscow Mule next to a glass of Moscow Vibes from Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots Brewing Co.
Moscow Vibes


Friday, October 16

Four cans from Black Horizon Brewing Company

Two from Black Horizon

Black Horizon is back from their recent taproom renovation with two new beers for us!  Jester's Cap is an English Brown Ale.  Roasty and dry with mild coffee elements and maple undertones.  You'll love the smell of maple and vanilla.  Candy Coated Rain Drops is a Lactose IPA.  The suble creaminess of the lactose pairs perfectly with the bright citrus and fruit notes of the west coast hops.  Orange and citrus notes, almost like fruity candy with a bit of cream.

Glass of Poly's Revenge inside of a paper frame

Poly's Revenge

A new batch of Poly's Revenge hit the taps at Elder today.  It's a revision of their original Poly's Punch, but super hopped up.  Like revenge, Poly says, it's best served cold.  

Hickory Creek's logo

A Big Bold Beer with Reduced Gluten

Hickory Creek Brewing Company has a tasty gluten-reduced Double IPA that weighs in a 8.7% ABV and 98 ibu.  Definitely worth checking out!

Glass of Dust in the Wind from Rt66 Old School Brewing

All We Drink is Dust in the Wind

Rt66 Old School Brewing is becoming known for new releases every Friday, and they've got another good one today!  Dust in the Wind is a Berliner Weisse.  Sour, tart, and refreshing ... queue the music!

four cans form Whiskey Hill Brewing (Pink Scales and Put a Light On)

A Double Drop on the Hill

Put a Light On and Pink Scales are ready for you to take home.  Put a Light On is a NEIPA dry hopped three times with Citra and Nelson Sauvin.  Creamy with mango and pineapple, and just a little pine on the finish.  Pink Scales is a Berliner Weiss with Dragonfruit, Mango, and Passionfruit.  Refreshing sweetness with a little acidity to balance it out.  

Tuesday, October 20

six pack of Swedda Wedda by Alter Brewing Company

It's Swedda Wedda For Sure

Have you had Alter's creamy and smooth Oatmeal stout?  Swedda Wedda is out at both their Downers Grove and St. Charles locations, and also hitting distribution throughout Chicagoland.  As the can says, the Alcohol volume is 7.5%, but its 100% wicked.  It works for their Boston-reference, as well as a Halloween reference if you think about it.  

Wednesday, October 21

Full glass of Ike & Oak's Broken Carabiner

If It's Orenda, It's Always All-Righta

These two beers have taken home a few FoBAB medals, and their back in mixed 2 packs at Pollyanna Brewing Company.  

  • Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Orenda Volume 3 - a Belgian Tripel aged in Apple Brandy Barrels (2019 & 2018 Gold Medals)
  • Orenda Volume 2 - a Belgian Quad aged in Grape Brandy Barrels (2019 Silver and 2017 Bronze Medals)

PS ... because I'm feeling old and have to showcase my bad pun references, here you go.


Thursday, October 22

Full glass of Ike & Oak's Broken Carabiner

A Top Seller is Back at Ike & Oak

This is one of my favorites at Ike & Oak Brewing Company.  Broken Caribiner is a Green Tea Ale.  Lots of fruit flavor in this one, including peach, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, citrus and berries - balanced with medium bitterness.  Brewed also with Citra and Mosaic hops.

three cans of Pollyanna Brewing Company's Outdated Tattoo

An Outdated Tattoo You Won't Regret

Pollyanna Brewing Company has released a new Dunkelweizen with a great name.  Outdated Tattoo is brewed with 100% German malts, Hefeweizen yeast, and Pollyanna's signature water for a tasty little number.  Which is always better than that little tattoo of your ex-girlfriends name on your bicep.

Three pictures from the brewing of Break the Wheel by Skeleton Key Brewery

Break The Wheel

Skeleton Key Brewery teamed up with their buddy Steve from 2 Hound Red Brewing in Glen Ellyn for Break the Wheel.  It's a fruited Witbier brewed with fresh Buddha's Hand, Valencia orange peel and coriander rested on Mangosteen puree.  For the record, I actually never new Buddha's hand and Mangosteen were things.  

I'd usually queue up "The More You Know" clip ... but I'm going Game of Thrones instead for a "Break the Wheel" reference..

Tangled Roots Brewing Company, Subject to Change Vol 4, glass on bar top

Subject to Change, Sounds Good to Me

Tangled Roots is releasing their fourth in a series of rotating New England IPA's.  Batch 4 is double dry hopped with Vic Secret, Chinook, and Belma hops.  Lots of tropical fruit, tangerine and grapefruit aromas.  

Friday, October 23


Hickory Creek Brewing Company's beer label for "Offspring of the Korn"

Offspring of the Korn

This label just cracks me up.  The beer is pretty awesome too.  Hickory Creek Brewing's Offspring of the Korn is a cream ale with coriander and orange peel.  5.7% ABV and 38 IBU.  Head over to New Lenox, enjoy some live music outside, and get some great beer to go.    



Coming Soon

Dark beer surrounded by cherries

Make Time for MyGrain's Cherry BBA Belgian Quad

MyGrain's got a new beer dropping soon sounds delicious.  And, "I Have Time" took its time to get to deliciousness.  

Goldfinger Brewing's faucets


Goldfinger is working on some fresh Vienna Lager for Saturday, October 23.  Get yours to go!

Brewers from both Goldfinger Brewing and Hop Butcher for the World

A Gold Butcher Collab

Quoting Goldfinger's latest post

We did something really fun yesterday! For our first ever collaboration beer, we teamed up with our friends from Hop Butcher for the World to brew a beer that transcends style guidelines and upends the lager stereotype. The great hop-centric minds at Hop Butcher and the lager loyalists at Goldfinger brainstormed a beer that would represent both breweries in the most drinkable way possible. Combining rare new hop varietals with unwavering traditional lager brewing techniques, we can’t wait for you to drink this beer.

As with all beers at Goldfinger, it will require patience as extended lagering will make this beer truly shine. Stay tuned for more details on the beer and the release.

Three photos - German chocolate cake, cocoa, and toasted coconut.

Keyboard Warrior

Check out the ingredients on this one:  dark roasted barley, sweet caramel malt, decadent dark cocoa, a touch of pecan flour, and 75lbs of toasted coconut.  Metal Monkey's "Keyboard Warrior" is a German Chocolate Cake inspired beer that I can't wait to try!  We'll keep you posted as we hear more.  

Graphic from Garage Band Brewing -

On Deck at Garage Band

Fear the Voices (Double IPA) and Fell on Black Days (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) are being brewed at Garage Band Brewing in Plainfield.  All are coming soon!

Pumpkins being roasted in a brick over at Flapjack Brewery

Flapjack Adding More Flavor to Pumpkin Beer

Flapjack is working on a Pumpkin Chocolate Brown Ale.  You can see here, they are roasting some pumpkins for this new concoction.  Stay tuned for release details!

Stout being transferred from barrel to tank at Ike & Oak

A New BBA Stout from Ike & Oak

Ike & Oak is working on a new BBA Stout.  The brew was aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill distillery barrels.  You can see in the photo above, it's being transferred to their serving tank prior to bottling.  Coming soon!

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