Beer Releases: October 30 - November 6, 2020

New Releases -  Coming Soon

Happy Halloween!!!  Please have a safe and enjoyable celebration, and make sure to pick up some beer and support your local breweries.  Some of the breweries south on the trail are still open for inside drinking - support them as well.  

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Four pack of Cranberry Orange Allure by Pollyanna Brewing company, surrounded by oranges and cranberries

Pollyanna Brewing Company
Cranberry Orange Allure

Three cans of Strawberry Dizzy by Garage Band Brewing, next to a strawberry.

Garage Band Brewing
Strawberry Dizzy

Tangled Roots Brewing Co's Mixed Berry Stout in a glass on their bar

Tangled Roots Brewing Company
Mixed Berry Stout

Three cans of Dr. Pangloss from Pollyanna Brewing Company

Pollyanna Brewing Company
Dr. Pangloss

Sign that says Now Brewing Galaxy Girl, with an album from We Killed The Lion in the foreground

Will County Brewing Co.
Galaxy Girl


Friday, October 30

three beers under the taps at Mad Hatchet Brewing

It's a Mad Hatchet Weekend For Sure!

It's like this weekend was meant for them ... Mad Hatchet Brewing has four tappings this weekend.  The two beeing released on Friday include:

  • At 12pm - Return of the Gourd 2019 - pumpkin stout (9%)
  • At 5pm - Hornswoggler chocolate peanut butter stout (7.8%)

What's being released on Saturday?  We could tell you, but we're going to make you scroll down to the coming soon.  

A glass of beer on top of a 4-pack of Miskatonic Brewing Company's Snake N Shake

Snake, Shake, and More Black is Beautiful

Snake N' Shake is back at Miskatonic!  It's a Milkshake IPA packed with Denali hops to give you a some great pineapple notes.  They have a limited quanity bundle, where you can get two 12oz glasses and a four-pack for $20.  Black is Beautiful is back on tap as well, both on tap and in to-go bottles.  

Rt66 Old School Brewing's Wildcat Cream Ale in a glass, in front of a flag of a wildcat (school logo)

Here Comes the Wildcat

Wildcat Cream Ale is back at Rt66 Old School Brewing.  It's a nice, light, and refreshing beer that weighs in at 5.25% ABV.  Give them a visit today!

Tenderfoot from Ike & Oak

Little Key Lime in the Fall

Ike & Oak Brewing's Tenderfoot is one that reminds me of summer - no matter the temperature outside.  This one is a key-lime-pie-cheesecake inspired sour ale.  Sour, fruity, creamy, with a hint of salt.  You're going to get an aroma of graham crackers, and notes of lime, graham crackers, vanilla, and cheesecake.  

Saturday, October 31

three beers under the taps at Mad Hatchet Brewing

The Other Two from Mad Hatchet Brewing

So, what's coming on Saturday, October 31 at Mad Hatchet Brewing?

  • Saturday at 5pm:  Batch 4220 - an imperial stout with Ghana cacao nibs, hazelnut, and vanilla.
  • Sometime:  Pogs and Slammers - A new hazy with a 90s throwback name - 6% hopped with El Dorado and Vic's Secret

Three cans of Chance from Garage Band Brewing

This One is a Good Boy

Meet Chance, Garage Band Brewing's American Light Lager that was made in tribute to one of the brewery's business partner's dogs passed away at a young age due to cancer.  Crisp, clean, and slightly sweet.

Sunday, November 1

Glass of Longboard Dreams from Will County Brewing Company

Longboard Dreams

Will County Brewing Company's latest is a super-limited Cran-Rasbperry Berliner Weisse named Longboard Dreams.  Especially for the great fall weather, imagine yourself cruising down the block on your board, listening to Fleetwood Mac, getting to your destination and opening up this heavily-fruited, lightly sour and tart beer.  

Two cans of Orange Hwip from Alter Brewing Company, next to an orange slice

Hwip it Good

DREAMSICLE BEER!  Alter Brewing's Orange Hwip is a Blues Brothers-inspired Milkshake India Pale Ale.  Thick and creamy, with major orange aromas and flavors.  And, not sure how this relates to Blues Brothers?  Watch below.  

Tuesday, November 3

Ike and Oak's Dark Timber - Nitro - being poured from the tap

Dark Timber - Nitro

Ike & Oak's Dark Timber is a full-bodied, smooth and creamy white stout with notes of chocolate and black walnut.  And, they have it on nitro!  Head to the Woodridge-based brewery and get a pizza and this beer.

Wednesday, November 4

Glass of One Stitch being held up by a hand

One Stitch

Skeleton Key has a fresh pint of One Stitch just waiting for you to enjoy on their outdoor patio.  It combines the oatmeal flavor with notes of roasted coffee flavor.  It's Fall, y'all, and this beer is perfect for this time of year.  

Cans of Gentle Lazers from Black Horizon Brewing Comapny

They've Got Lazers

Black Horizon is releasing Gentle Lazers on Wednesday.  It's a Hazy IPA that uses Galaxy and Citra hops.  It's described as having a tropical white cirus flavor profile.  They added large amounts of flaked wheat to in turn create a creamy but flavor-charged East Coast style IPA.

Thursday, November 5

Graphic featuring three cans of The Ellis Redding

Why Do They Call You Red?

The Ellis Redding is Metal Monkey Brewing's easy drinking Irish Red Ale.  The name of the beer is a reference to The Shawshank Redemption.

The beer iteself is popular at the Romeoville-based brewery.  Strong maltiness and light sweetness.

Fireside Milk Stout

Cozy Up to the Fireside

Blue Nose Brewery's Fireside Milk Stout is available for you to try today!

Friday, November 6

Cans of Double Sugar Bomb from Black Horizon Brewing Company

Ramped Up Sugar Bomb

Have you had Black Horizon Brewing Company's Sugar Bomb?  Well, they've done bigger.  Presenting DOUBLE SUGAR BOMB.  In all-caps for emphasis, because it packs massive vanilla, cream, and hop fruit flavor.  They literally used double the malt, hops, and vanilla.  Weighs in at a hefty 10% ABV.  Cool thing is that the three guys from BHBC has been worked into the can artwork.

Three photos - German chocolate cake, cocoa, and toasted coconut.

Keyboard Warrior and Death by Metal

Check out the ingredients on this one:  dark roasted barley, sweet caramel malt, decadent dark cocoa, a touch of pecan flour, and 75lbs of toasted coconut.  Metal Monkey's "Keyboard Warrior" is a German Chocolate Cake inspired beer that I can't wait to try!  The 2nd beer being released today by Metal Monkey is Death by Metal.  It's imperial porter that has rich dark chocolate and coffee flavors and a big body.  For the first - Death by Metal was Bourbon-barrel aged.  

Cherry Long Tongue Liar - Miskatonic Brewing

The Newest Long Tongue Liar

Miskatonic is releasing its newest variant of Long Tongue Liar - Cherry!  The kettle sour has a rosy hue, combinging gentle fruit-driven acidity with a crisp mouthfeel and a touch of pilsner malt sweetness.  

Coming Soon

6 cans from Pollyanna Brewing (two of Fire, two of Ice, and two of Bourbon Barrel Aged Hideaway)

A Trio to Celebrate Pollyanna Brewing's Third Brewery

Pollyanna St. Charles will be celebrating its first birthday on November 7, 2020 - and you can get their three celebratory beers at all three locations (Lemont, Roselle, and St. Charles).

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Hideaway - An Imperial Milk Stout aged in High Rye Bourbon Barrels with Tugboat Coffee, Maple, Cocoa Nib, and Vanilla Bean
  • Fire - An India Pale Ale brewed with Citrz, Zythos, and Huell Lemon that was brewed hot with Espe Kveik yeast.
  • Ice - An India Pale Ale brewed with the same hops as Fire, but brewed with Lager yeast.

Brewers from both Goldfinger Brewing and Hop Butcher for the World

A Gold Butcher Collab

Quoting Goldfinger's latest post

We did something really fun yesterday! For our first ever collaboration beer, we teamed up with our friends from Hop Butcher for the World to brew a beer that transcends style guidelines and upends the lager stereotype. The great hop-centric minds at Hop Butcher and the lager loyalists at Goldfinger brainstormed a beer that would represent both breweries in the most drinkable way possible. Combining rare new hop varietals with unwavering traditional lager brewing techniques, we can’t wait for you to drink this beer.

As with all beers at Goldfinger, it will require patience as extended lagering will make this beer truly shine. Stay tuned for more details on the beer and the release.

Graphic from Garage Band Brewing -

On Deck at Garage Band

Fear the Voices (Double IPA) and Fell on Black Days (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) are being brewed at Garage Band Brewing in Plainfield.  All are coming soon!

Cans of Black Forest Bedtime Story Black Lager from Tangled Roots Brewing Company

It's Time for a Bedtime Story

Black Forest Bedtime Story is a brew from Tangled Roots Brewing Company's Survival of the Fittest series.  It apparently did well, as it has some beautfiful cans.  Release date of 11/23/2020.

Stout being transferred from barrel to tank at Ike & Oak

A New BBA Stout from Ike & Oak

Ike & Oak is working on a new BBA Stout.  The brew was aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill distillery barrels.  You can see in the photo above, it's being transferred to their serving tank prior to bottling.  Coming soon!

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