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Top 5 Books You Should Read at Prairie Fox Books in Ottawa

01/19/2021 by  
  With the assurance of cold and snowy days ahead, now is the perfect time to grab a warm drink from your favorite shop (like Drip Coffee from Krema, hot tea from Jitters, or yummy Hot Chocolate from Liberty Street Café) and cuddle up with a good book. As some...READ MORE

Itinerary: Two Days in Starved Rock Country

12/09/2020 by  
A visit to Starved Rock State Park consists of many sights to behold, including breathtaking views of its many canyons and awe-inspiring scenes of eagles flying during the winter month. The area known as Starved Rock Country contains so much more! Day One Start the day...READ MORE

Itinerary: One and a Half Day I&M Canal History Tour

12/08/2020 by  
The Illinois and Michigan Canal played a huge part in forming today's midwestern cities, from Lemont down to LaSalle, the history is celebrated daily. Start your trip by learning about the early days in Illinois, visit museums, hear speakers and explore the famous Old Jo...READ MORE

Itinerary: Two Days Along the First Hundred Miles of Route 66

12/07/2020 by  
The Mother Road.  America's Main Street.  Route 66.  The road that symbolizes freedom and the days of cruising from Chicago to LA, stopping and mom and pop diners, roadside attractions, and stores of every variety.  Start your journey with two days al...READ MORE

Burger's Favorite Partner

10/06/2020 by  
Mickey has Minnie. Peanut Butter has Jelly. And Hamburgers have French fries… but what else!? We decided to reach out to some of our Burger Trail locations for a little insight into the perfect side.   The Lone Buffalo, Ottawa:  At The Lone Buffalo,...READ MORE

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