Castles of the Prairie Farm Tour

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Castles of the Prairie Farm Tour is an agritourism Barn Quilt project of selecting barns with great historic value that has a past with a wonderful story to tell. The Barn Quilts are 8’ X 8’ hand painted quilt squares using the talents of local quilters, artists and poets, which are hung on select barns to tell a unique story of the family history, growth, patriotism, celebration, toil and traditions.

Castles of the Prairie Farm Tour will be held in Will County in 2021. There will be one day in the year where 10 barns will be open to the public for a specified donation about. This will give you a first had look to see inside the barns and the surrounding areas where someone with the farm will be there to assist to answer questions. Driving tours will be year round with available Step-On Guides to help individuals, small groups and group Motorcoaches with a guide talking about the local area and the barn and barn quilts.

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