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Miskatonic Brewing Company

1000 N. Frontage Road, Unit C Darien, IL 60561

So many of the greatest beers in the world were markers on the journey to brew beer ourselves. They are instructive. They are canon. And we find enjoyment in devoting ourselves to the quest of their honorable replication.

But we also love a good glitch.

Riffing on tradition and interpreting styles in a new way enables Miskatonic to tilt the board and brew with a twist. It’s their way of exploring the curiosities that make beer a constantly evolving idea.

But who knows what lies beyond.

Miskatonic only ever see the edges of their own world. Impossible glimpses of the universe. They toil away in the dark of new fermentation. Miskatonic enjoys the anxiety of occasionally working in the realm of chaos, tasting something unexpected, unsettling, and if they try hard enough, maybe even unexplored.

Beer Releases: April 04 - April 10, 2021
Beer Releases: March 21 - March 28, 2021

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