Skydive Chicago 8N2 Club

3215 W. 1969th Rd. Ottawa, IL
Dates: Now
Times: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Location: Skydive Chicago, 3215 W. 1969th Rd., Ottawa, IL

Expanding upon our popular 'A' License Club we created the 8N2 Club! Identifying a need for jumpers with 25-250 jumps to make friends, have fun, and increase their skills, the club is focused on beginner to intermediate dives. And there will be goofy dives to mix things up! Each club 'meeting' will have a dedicated and welcoming organizer, aiming to do 5-6 jumps per day, with flexibility for participants to join one or join them all. Jumpers from all dropzones welcome! There is no registration fee, just show up and pay your jump ticket!

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