Two Hundred Men and Women will Attempt a Skydiving

3125 E. 1969th Road Ottawa, Il 61350
Dates: Aug. 22, 2022 - Aug. 26, 2022
Times: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Location: Skydive Chicago, Ottawa, IL, 3125 E. 1969th Road, Ottawa, Il 61350

Two hundred men and women will descend on Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, to attempt a 200-way Head-Down Vertical World Skydiving Record. This is a single-point skydive where all jumpers will exit their planes and fly together to create one big formation. This world record attempt will utilize 10 aircraft, flying to 19,000 feet, an altitude so high the FAA requires on-board supplemental oxygen. This altitude will allow the group 60 seconds of working time. To break the record, all 200 jumpers must carefully lock arms in a pre-assigned, intricate pattern (with no errors) before separating and filling the sky with 200 parachutes.

This record was attempted in 2018, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, the participants were unsuccessful. The last completed Vertical World Record was in 2015 when they built a 164-person head-down formation.

The last time 200 skydivers linked up was in 1998 when a 246-way was completed at Skydive Chicago. The difference between these two dives is substantial. The orientation of the 1998 dive was the traditional belly-to-earth style at approximately 120 mph. This record poses a significant challenge in that the skydiver's orientation is head-down at speeds of approximately 180 mph. This new record illustrates the sport's progressions as skill sets, training, and equipment have improved.

Located along the Fox River, Skydive Chicago sits on a 220-acre private airport with a fleet of nine aircraft. Within the 30,000+ sq ft hangar, you'll find our world-renowned skydiving school, a made-from-scratch kitchen, a 300-person auditorium, and more. We are home to some of the largest skydiving events in the world, providing participants with a full hook-up campground, Tiki Bar on the pond, disc golf course, and hiking trails for a resort-like experience. It's no wonder we are considered the Mecca of Skydiving.

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