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Goldfinger Brewing Company

513 Rogers Street Downers Grove, IL 60515

Who is Goldfinger Brewing Company?

In the 19th century in Krakow, Poland, Markus Goldfinger started a brewery and brewing equipment manufacturing company that lasted several decades. The Goldfingers beer industry presence spanned across Poland and Czechia brewing beer, dealing hops, and producing brewing equipment. Today, a descendant of the Goldfingers, brewer Thomas Beckmann is dedicated to brewing lager beers with the utmost attention to technique and detail. Having received his Master Brewer’s diploma through the World Brewing Academy in Chicago and Munich, Germany, Thomas has honed his lager brewing skills to provide beer that is approachable, flavorful, enjoyable, and consistent. Thomas designed his brewery specifically to produce the best possible lager beer: A decoction brewhouse, special wort aeration process, natural carbonation, and horizontal lagering tanks.

Their Mission

When it comes to the variety of beers they offer, Goldfinger strives for simplicity.  Their mission is to be the type of brewery you can rely on to produce beers consistently, batch after batch.  They want you to be able to be able to depend on Goldfinger Brewing to always have the same great tasting core lineup of lager beer year round: Original, Pils, and Vienna. They will not compromise on our exacting brewing process nor stray from our core brewing philosophy just to increase our bottom line.

However, Goldfinger Brewing Company is creative and curious, so they have reserved room for rotating seasonal beers as well as small batch experimentation. These beer styles can range from traditional regional beer styles spanning Poland, Czechia, or Germany as well as American craft beer influenced innovative lagers. Lager beer production is very slow (2-3 times longer than ales), so their roll-out of these varieties will be gradual and deliberate.  Stay tuned!

Beer Releases: April 11 - April 17, 2021
Beer Releases: April 04 - April 10, 2021

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