Beer Releases: March 14 - March 21, 2021

Pre-order Three Michelin-Starred Alinea in the Corridor

Foodies, you can enjoy a meal from one of the top restaurants in the world right here in the Heritage Corridor. Pre-order and pick up a meal from Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont, IL) on 3-26 and 3-27 or an Easter Dinner from Black Horizon Brewing Company (Willowbrook, IL) on April 3 and 4.

New Releases - Hot Spot DropsComing Soon

Sunday, March 14


Monday, March 15


Tuesday, March 16

Glasses of two different beers, in front of a clover decoration

Two Irish Specials at Ike & Oak

On the left, Braec Down (Irish Stout).  On the right, Knochnagoshel (Irish Red Ale).

Bearded man holding Better Off Red

Better Off Red

Traditionally, you'd think green with the St. Pat's holiday.  But, you're usually Better Off Red.  Alter's new Irish Red Ale is an easy and crisp drink, with bready and carmel notes complimented by a lighty matly sweetness.

Cans of Schwarzbier at Black Horizon Brewing Company

Schwarzbier in Cans

Get your canned Schwarzbier at Black Horizon Brewing Company.  This is a German-style Black Ale that is brewed accordance with the Reinheitsgebot.  This Black ale boasts notes of caramel, raisin, and mild roasted malts. Dark beer without any gimmicks or filler. This jet Black ale is perfect for all year round drinking.

Wednesday, March 17

.Green Beer in a tall glass at Whiskey Hill

Whiskey Hill's Going Green

Whiskey Hill Brewing has a special St. Patty's beer for us.  The Lucky One is their Kolsch that has a festive lime green twist.  5.5% for the tap only green beer. 

Two ladies holding four packs (left).  Beer logo featuring a leprechaun on hte right.  From Mad Hatchet Brewing

A St. Patty's Day Can Drop at Mad Hatchet

Can drop at Mad Hatchet Brewing.  Leprechaun on the Lash is Mad Hatchet's Irish Red Ale.

Thursday, March 18

Bottles of Local Lupulin

Local Lulupin

Part of Tangled Roots' Survival of the Fittest series, Local Lupulin is a dank and citrusy Douple IPA with locally-grown hops and barley.  Cascade and Galena in the dry hop make this drip with resinous citrus, grapefruit, and black currant flavors and aromas.

A First for Hickory Creek

Hickory Creek Brewing Company is releasing its first ever Scottish Ale!  Up Ye Kilt is a Wee Heavy that is very malty and creamy.  Head out to New Lenox to try this one!  

Friday, March 19

Label for Shoops Old Fashioned Amber Ale

A Tasty One Lined Up at Flapjack

Flapjack Brewery's Shoops Old Fashioned Amber Ale will be ready for the public on Friday, March 19.  This amber ale tips the scales at 8% ABV.  The beer is infused with orange peel and luxardo cherry, and also has been aged in bourbon barrels.

Elder Brewing Company's EZ Times IPA in a glass

That Hint of Citrus

Elder Brewing Company's latest is EZ Times IPA.  It's a full-bodied IPA with a hint of citrus that will certainly intrigue you.  

Beer with a strawberry in it, from Rt66 Old School Brewing

A Fun Race at Rt66 Old School Brewing

So, the ladies over at Rt66 Old School Brewing are having a little fun to see which Friday infusion release can "tap out" first.  The first up is Beach Vacation by Lauren.  Coconut and Strawberry in this one!  Help her win, go drink two ... responsibly of course.   

3 Cans and a glass of Square Peg in a Rind Hole from Pollyanna Brewing Company

An Old Favorite and a New Favorite

Pictured above is a new candy sour called Square Peg in a Rind Hole.  This sour ale is loaded with watermelon and lactose, and weighs in a 6.0% ABV.  Slighty tart, super fruity, and a bit sweet.  Also back, although not pictured, is Humpenscrump.  This mainstay is a German Hefeweizen which is "like Sunday mornings in Bavaria" according to Pollyanna's brewer Marc.

Beer being canned (Blackberry Long Tongue Liar from Miskatonic Brewing)

Long Tongue Liars of all Flavors

Well, two actually of Miskatonic Brewing's Kettle Sour.  Fresh Blackberry will be available from the taps and in cans on Friday, and Cherry is still on tap and in cans of well.  Long Tongue Liar is definitely a great beer, and you should definitely get your hands on both variants.  

Cans of Garage Band Brewing's Fear the Voices

Don't Fear This Beer

Fear the Voices is a classic West Coast Double IPA.  Garage Band Brewing used Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe hops to brew this one - which features an amazing hop aroma.  You'll get resinous pine, ripe mango, and a citrus fruit medley out of this one.  

The Woollysicle

One of my favorite dreamsicle-flavored beers is back!  Ike & Oak's Woollysicle Milkshake IPA is a can't-miss and is available on tap and in cans.

Can and glass of Four Chord Wonder from Pollyanna Brewing Company

A Definite Chart Topper

The latest in Pollyanna Brewing Company's single hop American Pale Ale series is Four Chord Wonder Azacca. They bought back this brew with a fresh crop of Azacca hops. Expect big notes of citrusy lemons, tropical fruits, and pines in this one.

Saturday, March 20

Bottle of Rt66 Old School Brewing's Storng Personality

A Strong Wait for a Strong Beer on a Strong Saturday

Rt66 Old School Brewing is releasing Strong Personality on Saturday at 12pm.  Limit 1 bottle per person.  This Barleywine was aged for a year in whiskey barrels. 

Sunday, March 21

No New Beers Scheduled


Hot Spot Drops

We're going to list the date and location of craft beer drops along the Corridor.  Remember, these are all limited and subject to availability (just like everything in life, if you think about it).

Tuesday, March 16 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

Drops from Maplewood Brewery, Begyle Brewing, Old Irving Brewing Co. and Untitled Art

Wednesday - March 17 - Orange and Brew

Phase Three Brewing Company, Hopewell Brewing Company, Riverlands Brewing Company, More Brewing Company, Lil Beaver Brewery, Maplewood Brewery and Untitled Art

Wednesday, March 17 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

Phase Three Brewing Company (Color Channel and DDH Points of Authority), Werk Force (BA Sleepy Bear Mint), Double Epsicle Layers

Wednesday, March 17 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

Preorders for Hop Butchet for the World (Presto Change-o and Mega Clang)

Thursday, March 18 - Orange & Brew (Downers Grove, IL)

Thursday, March 18 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

Pollyanna Brewing Company (Summerly), Prairie Artisan Ales (Cocoa Berry), Obscurity Brewing & Craft Mead (Shadow Puppet Party), DuClaw Brewing Co. (Pastryarchy Mexican Hot Chocolate and Carob Mel Sutra)

Thursday, March 18 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

Pipeworks Brewing Company and Riverlands Brewing Company


Coming Soon

Several Brewers

A Metal Monkey / Dry City Brewing Collab

Label for Goldfinger's Maibock

A Maibock for April

Beer in a brewing vessel (top view)

A Tasty Return for an Ike and Oak Favorite

Scenes from the Corridor