Beer Releases: March 21 - March 28, 2021

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March came in like a lion, and will be leaving like a lion.  Lots of great beer and outside drinking to be done, meaning drinking season is here!  (I know, the season never really ends...). #DrinkResponsibly

Sunday, March 21

Double Nectar from Phase Three Brewing Company

Double Nectar

Iron&Glass Romeoville tapped into Phase Three Brewing's Double Nectar.  Strawberry, raspberry, sweet cherry.  Reminds me of when you grab the "all red" package of Starburst.

Monday, March 22

Mango Snake and Shake from Miskatonic Brewing Company

Mango Snake and Shake

Snake N Shake is Miskatonic's Milkshake IPA.  This version on tap is their Mango variant.

Nik and Ivy Brewing's 1853 with Blueberry

1853 with Blueberry

Blueberry makes everything better.  And Nik & Ivy Brewing's 1853 is already top-notch.  The original is a Cream Ale that's light and crisp with vanilla aroma.  Now, add blueberry.  Yea, buddy.

Chela Chido from Goldfinger Brewing Company

Goldfinger Brewing Company
Chela Chido

Not only will you feel good drinking this Mexican lager (which is a collab between Bar Chido and Goldfinger), you can drink it out of this awesome glass.  It's a easy-drinker for sure, and you'll love the taste.  Available at both Bar Chido and Goldfinger.

Tuesday, March 23

new Beer from Ike & Oak Brewing

Garden of the Gods

The latest from Ike & Oak is a Biere de Garde.  Check out the amber color.  It has a toasted malt aroma and slight malt sweetness.

Cans of Stealing Sunshine from Black Horizon Brewing Company

Sunshine in Willowbrook

Black Horizon Brewing's Stealing Sunshine is a superb blood orange sour ale.  It's jammed full of citrus, orange zest, beautiful days and UV rays.  I'm actually a little proud of myself for that description.

Wednesday, March 24

.Glass of Berry Lemonade beer at Nik & Ivy Brewing

A Beery Good Beer

Nik & Ivy's Beery Lemonade is a tasty kettle sour ale that has been fruited with mixed wild berries.  Just image if you could start up a lemonade stand with your neighborhood friends and sell this one.  Actually, I think that was a Simpsons episode, now that I think of it.

Me Gnows a Good Beer

The Gnome Gnows is back at Garage Band Brewing.  It's a German Style Kolsch that's light in color and malty character that's a true thirst quencher.

Thursday, March 25

BBLS Hard Seltzer at Will County Brewing

BBLS Hard Seltzer (Black Raspberry and Lemon Lime)

Seltzer fans!  Will County Brewing Co. is back with their Seltzers.  These first "bubbled" up (HA) around Will County's third anniversary celebration.  Get your hands on a four pack today.

Heavy Squeeze by Alter Brewing

Make Sure to Squeeze This One In

Light and lemony, Heavy Squeeze from Alter Brewing Company should have a dedicated space in your fridge.  This is an unfiltered lemont wheat ale thats brewed with Pils and White Wheat malt, Citra hops, lemont puree, lactose, and flaked oats.  

Friday, March 26

Goldfinger's Bohemian Pilsner in two glasses

A Triple Dedocted Bohemian Pislner

A great description from Goldfinger Brewing...

5.0% ABV | 42 IBU | Triple Decoction

Traditionally brewed using soft Plzn water, 100% Czech Saaz hops, and triple decocted. This beer exemplifies Czech brewing techniques and ingredients. Beginning with sweet organic honey on the nose, followed by a deep and complex malt flavor that is balanced out by a spicy and herbal hop character. A firm bitterness throughout helps balance the sweetness from the malt and dry the mouth leaving it beckoning for another sip.

Can and glass of Alban Eiler from Garage Band Brewing

The Season for Irish Red Ales Never Ends

I can drink these any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Alban Eiler from Garage Band Brewing has that traditional, true-to-style malty flavor that is harder to find than a four-leaf clover.  And some awesome can artwork as well!

Graphic ofr Hops You SHould Know

Hops You Should Know

I like this beer name, and can't wait to try this beer from Nik & Ivy.  Hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo, you're going to get notes of fresh mango, orange, pineapple, and citrus.  Low bitterness, high juiciness.

Can of Weizenbock from Miskatonic Brewing Company

Miskatonic has a beautiful traditional German wheat beer right here.  Rich, soft wheat, and clove compliment the medium heft of this brew.

Pitch a Fit from Pollyanna Brewing Company

Pitching a Fit over these Lunchbox Tactics

Two from Pollyanna today.

  • Lunchbox Tactics.  This is a varient of the GABF-award winning Lite Thinking, with a TON of orange and amaretto.
  • Pitch a Fit.  Brewed with Maris Otter malt, hopped with Columbia, Citra, and Mosaic.  A distinct hue and combo of old and new school hops.

Three Different Beers from Rt66 Old School Brewing

A Trio from Rt66 Old School Brewing

Rt66 Old School Brewing took New Release Friday and cranked it up to 300%.  We've got details on three for you.

  • Sister Mary's Jam.  This is the 2nd round of the Pink Alewife Fruit Infusion Beertender's Challenge.  Say that three times fast.  Megan's beer is an infusion of wild cherry and almond for at truly tasty beer.  Can Megan beat tapping out her beer in less than 3 hours and 37 minutes?
  • Fine ... Here.  This is OSB's first milkshake IPA.  With the temps getting warmer, tell me a Strawberry Lemon Milkshake IPA doesn't sound perfect?  It's like an amusement park treat.
  • Wildcat.  Spring football is back, as well as this tasty cream ale.  

Whiskey Hill's latest beer

With Roots Above & Branches Below

A big imperial IPA from Whiskey Hill Brewing Company.  It's HUGE at 11.5% ABV.  Notes of grapefruit, lemon zest and orange zest.  Brewed with Cryo, Citra, and Amarillo to balance out the sweetness of the massive and caramel grain bill.

Saturday, March 27

Hornswoggler from Mad Hatchet Brewing (surrounded by donuts)

Time to Get Hornswoggled

Life is simple sometimes.  Peanut butter and chocolate is perfect.  Hornswoggler is Mad Hatchet's peanut butter milk stout.  When you come out on noon on Saturday, you get a free donut with your first draught purchase (while supplies last).

Sunday, March 28



Hot Spot Drops

We're going to list the date and location of craft beer drops along the Corridor.  Remember, these are all limited and subject to availability (just like everything in life, if you think about it).

Several cans from Iron&Glass Romeoville

Tuesday, March 23
Iron&Glass Romeoville

More cans at Iron&Glass Romeoville

Tuesday, March 23
Iron&Glass Romeoville

CatsEye - several cans from different breweries

Wednesday, March 24
CatsEye Ottawa

Iron&Glass Romeoville - Several cans of beer

Wednesday, March 24
Iron&Glass Romeoville

Iron&Glass - Beers delivered

Thursday, March 25
Iron&Glass Romeoville

More beer deliveries at Iron&Glass

Thursday, March 25
Iron&Glass Romeoville

Thursday, March 25
Orange & Brew Downers Grove

Preorder and Pickup Friday, March 26
Iron&Glass Romeoville

Tap handle on left (pig minds brewing), brew on right

Friday, March 26
Two Pints Lounge Bolingbrook


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