Beer Releases: February 7 - 14, 2021

New Releases -  Coming Soon

Trying something a little new with the page for this week.  Going to list every date, including if no beers are scheduled.  If you see a beer and a photo with no witty description, that means I haven't gotten there yet.  

Sunday, February 7

Beer flowing from a tap into a glass at Garage Band Brewing

Velvet Octane

The beer is as smooth as the name.  Garage Band Brewing teamed up with nearby Krema Coffee House for this one.  Fresh beans give this stout some great flavor.  Get it in cans, or on regular or nitro draft.  

Monday, February 8

  No New Beers Scheduled

Tuesday, February 9

Glass of beer in snow at Ike & Oak Brewing

Howwwwwl at the Wolfin Moon

Ike & Oak has released Wolfin Moon, better known as Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen.  It's an amber-colored German Wheat Ale that's very drinkable.  

Four Pack of Riding Double Shotgun by Urban Brew Labs and Will County Brewing

Riding Double Shotgun

The story about this Will County Brewing and Urban Brew Labs collab, as told by Urban Brew Labs' Facebook page...

It all started on a very hot summer day en route to Brew at the Zoo, there they were, @willcountybrew stranded on the side of the road with their transit van looking defeated. As we pulled up in our van offering assistance for transportation to the event, it became apparent that three of us needed to squeeze into a two-seater cargo van. As uncomfortable as it was with no-AC, the three of us made the best of it and a forever friendship was bound and Riding Double Shotgun was created!

Wednesday, February 10

Label for Zlotonator, featuring a dragon

Dark Lager Day

Mark you calendars for February 10.  At 4pm, Zlotonator Doppleback and Black Lager will be making their debuts at Goldfinger Brewing Company.

Black Lager 5.0% abv | Step mash
German-style Schwarzbier
This beer is smooth, malty, and roasty. In spite of its dark color, it drinks light and strikes a perfect balance between herbal, earthy hops, and malty and subtle roast character, finishing dry on the palate.

Zlotonator 7.2% abv | Single decoction
This strong lager is, as the monks called this style, "liquid bread." The depth of malt character as a result of a single decoction mash presents flavors of prunes, plums, dark cherries, and molasses. Despite its high abv and slight residual sweetness, the German hops and lager yeast leave the palate asking for more.

Three four packs of beer from Skeleton Key Brewery

When You Plan for Everything, Don't Blink or You May Miss a Nine-Tailed Beer

That could be my longest title for an update, but it's well worth it.  Skeleton Key is dropping three beers on us today.  Here's what they  got:

Plan For Everything
Mocha Milk Stout (brewed w/ Ugandan cacao nibs, espresso, vanilla and milk sugar) 5.2% ABV
Rich, dark chocolate and espresso notes with a smooth medium body and touch of vanilla

Don't Blink
Scottish-style Ale - 5.7% ABV
A SKB house favorite is back and in cans for the first time! Malty & copper-colored with just a touch of caramel and toffee sweetness

American Lager - 5.3% ABV
Their crisp and refreshing American Lager brewed with The Foxtail is back in cans!

Alter Brewing's Pina Colada Hwip

Alter Pina Colada Hwip

From the Alter Brewing wizards that brought us Orange Hwip, we are excited to get our hands on Pina Colada Hwip.  Cans and draft, you may just be tempted to breathe in the aroma of this one.  Trust me though, it'll be even better when you drink it.

Can of Fuss, with a background of crinkled tin foil

F.U.S.S. from Will County Brewing Company

The can may be monochromatic, but the taste definitely isn't.  You've got a juicy NEIPA here with Mosaic, Denali, and Idaho 7 hops.

Thursday, February 11

Bottles of Breaking Bines

Tangled Roots Breaking Bines

Dank Heisenburg?  Breaking Bines is dank, citrusy and piney.  It's a West Coast IPA that has a sweet malt and bitter balance that reminds you of Jesse and Walt.  

Can of Bamm Bamm Loves Pebbles, surrounded by fruit flavored cereal

Bamm-Bamm Loves Pebbles

Everybody must get stone-aged!  Bamm-Bamm Loves Pebbles harkens the joy of Saturday Morning Cartoons with the love of beer.  It's one of Will County Brewing's most popular beers, so get into the Shorewood-based brewery today!

Four pack of Four Chord Wonder in the snow from Pollyanna Brewing

The Latest Four Chord Wonder from Pollyanna

This one is truly a one of a kind beer.  Live Wire Hops and Great Lakes Hops teamed up to create "Experimental Hop 973XX3," a hop so new that it doesn't have a name.  Pollyanna is the only brewery ever to brew a beer with it.  It has aromatics of orange juice concetration and lemongrass.  Get to Lemont or the other locations to try this Four Chord Wonder today!

Yoo Hoo Neopolitan from Ike & oak Brewing

Woolly YooHoo Neapolitan from Ike & Oak Brewing

Totally random thought.  How many places serve Neapolitan-flavored beer as well as Neapolitan-style Pizza?  Mind blown.

Woolly YooHoo was the original Chocolate Milkshake IPA from Ike & Oak that turned a lot of heads.  Not only did they add vanilla and strawberry to it, but they put it on nitro as well.  And don't worry, still a little hop bite.

Rusty Boltneck Logo

Rusty Boltneck from Flapjack Brewery

The original Boltneck is a bold, pitch-black American Coffee Stout.  The Rusty variant is the only time I've ever heard something described as rusty and had it sound good.  Rusty Boltneck is their salted-caramel coffee stout.  

Several cans of Midnight Fist Fight

Thursday Night's All Right For Fighting

Midnight Fist Fight is back at Black Horizon Brewing.  This is a Citra-hopped Havy IPA that is always brewed with the freshest possible hops.  Notes on this one:  orange rind, creamy citrus, and a balanced hoppy finish.  

Friday, February 12

Nik & IVy's Chocolate Fondue Beer (surrounded by a glass of cocoa beans, marshmallows, strawberries, and  four cans)

Nik & Ivy Chocolate Fondue Stout Four Pack

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough, Chocolate Marshmallow, and Cappuccino.  That alone should get your attenion.  This weekend, Nik & Ivy is releasing their Chocolate Fondue Stout Four Pack with one of each of those flavors.  Can't wait to get my hands on this mixed pack.

A can and glass of Your Dungeon or Mine Barleywine

A Fine Barleywine

Miskatonic Brewing Company and Skeleton Key Brewery teamed up for a tasty Barleywine called Your Dungeon or Mine?  Carmel flavor with some cherry tones and almondy toast flavors.  

Fat Gregory Irish Red Ale glass in front of MyGrain Brewing's patio

Fat Gregory is Back in Joliet

MyGrain Brewing's Fat Gregory Irish Ale is back.  This seasonal beer marks the start of getting ready for St. Pat's, a traditional Irish Ale with a dash of American flair.

Three glasses of beer, each on top of their own can (Pollyanna Brewing)


We're all wishing it was spring.  Especially with the temps we'll see this weekend.  Acclamation will help us feel like it's in sight.  It's a Belgian Strong Ale with apricots.  And, this one will warm you up to at 7.7% ABV.

Glass of Nik & Ivy beer on top of a keg

Nik & Ivy Brewing - Winter in the Tropics

This NEIPA wanted to be out of New England just like Tom Brady.  It's an orange and pineapple juice-reminiscient NEIPA with hints of vanilla.

Rt66's I Cant' Take It Anymore APA

I Can't Take it Anymore!

Well, actually, I can ... when it tastes this good.  I Can't Take It Anymore is the latest from Rt66 Old School Brewing.  It's an American Pale Ale with classic American hops (Galaxy and a new Mosaic) to give it a slightly bitter, piney, and citrusy flavor.  

Missing companion four pack, held by a guy in a jack skellington-type mask

Our Missing Companion

Yes, I'm always missing a companion beer if I don't have one.  Skeleton Key's latest Missing Companion is a new IPA, hopped with Ekuanot, Idaho 7, and Galaxy hops.  Dank and bitter, it's a great IPA to enjoy.

Room For Two (graphic of a glass with two chocolate covered strawberries surrounding it)

Room for Two

It's the season for Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  Whiskey Hill and Crafted 1979's Room for Two is an Imperial Stout with Chocolate and Strawberries that is perfect for the time of year.  Listen to the amount of Chocolate for this one ...

Room For 2 ???? began as an Imperial Stout base with layered flavors of bakers chocolate and creamy fudge thanks to 5 different chocolate malt additions, and then we went ahead and added plenty of Ghana Cocoa Nibs and Strawberry!?

Saturday, February 13

No New Beers Scheduled

Coming Soon

Two Brewers standing near brewing vessels at Pollyanna Brewing Company

Dragonfruit Allure Coming Soon from Pollyanna Brewing Company

Here's a shot from Pollyanna, featuring Vince and Marc working on a new Dragonfruit Allure.  Who let the Blue Moon shirt in the brewery?

Graphic for an upcoming beer at Garage Band.  Looks like a the face of an angry blue dog.

Storm Coming at Garage Band Brewing

It's one of our favorites, and it'll projected to hit the Plainfield area soon.  #WeatherPuns.

Scenes from the Corridor